KeyCaptcha and its weird methods

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Users’ feedback on KeyCAPTCHA:


KeyCAPTCHA Email protecting service: One More Little Lie For The Sake of The Big True Lie

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Having a big employment experience in various countries, before my “employment” in, I’ve never encountered the situation when employer and colleagues are always misinforming you, even on unimportant trifles.


One more such petty lie I recalled after reading the question by Trevor Matthews:

and the answer there by KeyCAPTCHA:

Well, thу correct answer is that  KeyCAPTCHA developers are or were  never using this service to protect their own Email addresses.
When I asked “Why?”, the answer was:

  • “Because address would not available if our servers are down or DDOSed”
    Note that a service can be up but unreachable from certain destinations from/to which DDOS attacks come, kinda frequent situation in modern internet

I did feel me awkward by this answer because I advised this service not used by its own provider to my friends as well as I could not understand why I was misinformed  about this before.
Business is business. In order to be deceptive one does not need to lie directly, just to omit some details.
At least, I could have full correct answer long before I made a clown from me before my acquaintances and friends.



The Lie on 100% KeyCAPTCHA’s Protection (Unbreakablity) from Bots: Debunking KeyCAPTCHA’s Myths

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The myth about 100% protection from bots (or, rather, marketing slogan) is republished in thousands publications on the internet.

Those republishing it obviously did not minimally bother to search internet by keywords:

  • jigsaw puzzles machine (computer) solving (assembling)
  • visual recognition

to know that jigsaw puzzles were being successfully solved (assembled) by computer (machines, bots) long before CAPTCHA invention, image- video- or speech recognition.
Later, I shall update this article with references of concrete reports debunking this myth

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Antispam Email Spam

September 26, 2011 3 comments

We Are on's Mailing List

We Are on's Mailing List (Credit to


This is funny.

Professional spammers and blackhat profiteers openly boast that they own antispam protection.


It was an open secret for a very long time  that its is in list of known spammers (difficult or impossible to unsubscribe from a service once subscribed) as well as there were reports that’s antispam protection collects Emails.. .


I’ve got a 3d-party Email confirming this (I leave contacts as they are publicly available on the internet)

From:  gloria<at>
  to Gennady <>
date Thu, Sep 8, 2011 at 8:07 PM
subject Fwd: Changes in KeyCAPTCHA Terms of Service

Check out this email I got today. I don’t recall signing up for their service.


Gloria Rand
SEO Copywriter & Social Media Consultant
Turning Keywords into… Copy that Clicks!
Authorized 1&1 Hosting Affiliate
Follow me on Facebook
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Read my blog

———- Original Message ———-
From: KeyCAPTCHA <>
Date: September 8, 2011 at 7:33 AM
Subject: Changes in KeyCAPTCHA Terms of Service

Dear Gloria,
We are pleased to inform you that now the KeyCAPTCHA Service will protect your website(s) against spam as well as it will provide you with the opportunity to earn money by ad displaying in KeyCAPTCHA at your website(s).
Please, get to know with the updated Terms of Service at

For more information on amount of your income, click here .

Ad displaying in KeyCAPTCHA at your website(s) will launch on September 12, 2011.
An advertisement in KeyCAPTCHA will be displayed if we have advertisers who are willing to advertise in KeyCAPTCHA at websites whose subject matter suits your website’s subject.

If for some reason you are reluctant to earn money by our service, and you are unwilling to display ads in KeyCAPTCHA at your website, you have to go to your website’s additional settings and turn off ad displaying in KeyCAPTCHA at your website.

We anticipate a long-term and fruitful collaboration.

Best regards,

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Antispam “KeyCAPTCHA is Under Attack” Forum Spam as an Example of “Best PR is Black PR” Technique

September 23, 2011 3 comments

KeyCAPTCHA Profiteers Protect Us from Amateur Spammers (Credit to

KeyCAPTCHA Professional Profiteering Spammers Protect Us from Amateur Spammers (Credit to


.“Life is not about waiting
for the storm to pass,
it’s about learning
to dance in the rain”
~Unknown Author
(sometimes attributed to
Viviane Greene)



. antispam service created viral publicity of its service as absolutely free, having involved in this campaign many others unaware.

KeyCAPTCHA Under Money Rain Attack (Credit to

KeyCAPTCHA Under Money Rain Attack (Credit to creators being professional spammers and blackhat profiteers routinely use  Email and forum spam (See also: “Antispam Spam“) , spinning software,  content farms to fill internet with spam promoting its antispam KeyCAPTCHA service.

One of the latest examples devoted to slandering me personally was botted by hundreds identical texts over the internet

what technically and legally constitutes as forum spam

Here are my answers to it:


“The person spreading a slander and a lie regarding the KeyCAPTCHA Service uses different nicknames on different web resources” [1-2]

My answer:

I have to use multiple accounts since they were deleted by the requests of without any check of facts.

By the way, most was created due to instructions of ex-employer, before the date of my dismissal (May, 2011) and if it insists, I can expose them publicly.

Please read my “KeyCAPTCHA, I’m a Liar – Pants on Fire – Was I Good or Bad?”


I do not post in the same site under different nicknames and accounts as it is routinely being done by continuing to spam forums under multiple nicknames (usernames, accounts) in the same topic.
For example, KeyCAPTCHA account and its clones (babnicks, Drew_007) were banned in for aggressive spamming, off-topic, flame (personal insulting of its concurrent business in Russia)  in the same topic!

I do publish only part of truth which is is easily available for check in public access on the internet!

“You can find it out by googling “KeyCAPTCHA is under attack” (quoted)” [1-2]

My answer:
Well, you can’t find all because exact copies of the same text are blacklisted by search engines but I give the partial (that I could find) list of references (URLs) below [1].
his person extorted money from our employee. And he had been caught by the police when he was taking the money” [1-2]

My answer:
I could not extort money from KeyCAPTCHA’s employee because I was informed by this “employer”, already  after my dismissal  that company that hired me (I am in Russia), was not registered legal company having changed its previous alleged locations (now it is US-based Mersane) and legally could not have employees

Also read:

“This person alleges that he had been our employee. But it is the lie.

We are not going to conceal that he assisted us in supporting our twitter account.
But after the numerous reprimands regarding the quality of his messages on our twitter, we had fulfilled all our obligations to this person and renounced his assistance” [1-2]

My answer:

This is already 7th variant of my story by I am reading about me.
The 1st one was that I had never worked in,
stole @KeyCAPTCHA twitter account with the help of which I  extorted money
(Isn’t it reidiculous that someone can extort thousands UDSs by stealing a twitter account?)
Read my post:  “How I Stole My Own KeyCAPTCHA Twitter Account”

I was employed as Software Developer in Test.

Getting job for supporting a twitter account with my qualifications and experience is ridiculous

Read also: “Who Stole @KeyCAPTCHA Twitter Account?”
“But he has never been an employee of our company.

We just had a verbal agreement with this person” [1-2]

My answer:
By Russian Labor Legislature and Employment Laws, the  employment is being determined by the fact of working employer-employee relationships (working in office, fulfilling working instructions under daily timetable, etc.) but not by writing and signing agreements.
This is quite similar in EU labor legislature.

I was promised the formalization of written contract after 2-month probation which I successfully passed as well as I have thousands proves and witnesses of my work as employer. "The Twitter support team had blocked his 3 accounts of his slander and lie 
on the KeyCAPTCHA Service right after our request and his 2 accounts 
without our requests support team has blocked his 2 accounts of the same lie" [1-2]

My answer:
And I believed that KeyCAPTCHA’s efficiency was, at least 80% while it is  just 1-2/7=71%

I shall publish the list of banned for spamming KeyCAPTCHA accounts soon

Also, read my article: “Why Twitter Supports Criminals?”

“We are not going to reply to his future messages on this website. It is not our goal.

We just wanted to publish the facts regarding this person” [1-2]

My answer:
KeyCAPTCHA’s spambot has a bug.
It swears everywhere multiple times in the same threads that it is its last reply .

For example, there are the same promise in the same threads with continued self-talking thereafter:

“Our service and company are absolutely legal.

Here are the variants of using KeyCAPTCHA:” [1-2]

My answer:

The facts are that continues to use intentionally deceptive, misleading, false and fraudulent marketing and advertising I published before  and none of them has ever been addressed (if to ignore the attacks on my Multiple Nym Disorder Syndrome induced by my experience from working in and protecting from


.Cited above:

[1] Some of the links to “KeyCAPTCHA under attack” publications (posts, comments, etc.):

[1a] In English only

  • etc.

[1b] Ibid in English + in Russian (before the same in English)

Ibid, In Russian:

Ibid, deleted by webmasters as spam:

Dear Visitors,

The person spreading a slander and a lie regarding the KeyCAPTCHA Service uses different nicknames on different web resources.
He thinks up his new slander and lie from time to time.

You can find it out by googling “KeyCAPTCHA is under attack” (quoted).

======= Ooops, cut in order to avoid creating large chunk of duplicated content


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New Trends in Spamming: Spam Fused into Antispam Protection with Spamming Visitors Instead of Web Sites

September 20, 2011 4 comments

. Brain Thimbles Scammers at Work

KeyCAPTCHA Thimbles: Set Spammers to Catch a Spam KeyCAPTCHA Thimbles: Set a Spammer to Catch a Spam. KeyCAPTCHA is created by professional spammers and load spam directly to browsers what webmaster unable to see or control

“There are only 2 ways of telling the complete truth –

anonymously and posthumously”
~Thomas Sowell


“Find out what the meaning of life is,
and see if we can monetize it”
@bizcartoons (Ted Goff)


Spamming web sites with links to fool search engines was always doomed game because it irritated both owners of web resources and visitors.

Also, even appearing of website in top of  SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) did not mean having marketing success

So, the recent trend is to deliver unwarranted advertising, aka spam, directly to visitors without leaving spam on web resources (sites, blogs, etc.) as well as to bribe (sorry, share profits with) owners of web resources.

Trojan KeyCAPTCHA Full of Matreshkas

Trojan KeyCAPTCHA Full of Matreshkas

Looks like spamming through antispam solutions became more lucrative than previous spamming schemes.

The author exIV of an article

.confesses in comments to this articles that:

  • he is professional spammer and blackhat specialist
    (“А спамер я был по-совмеместительству, я занимался черным СЕО…и было время когда на клик-клике да рупоиске по 500$ в день капало 🙂 “
  • and now  the owner of  KeyCAPTCHA
    (“ну то есть конечно я владелец кейкапчи”)
  • always approached the spamming and spambot development with imagination considering it to be an art and his botted comments were contextual and undetectable by antispam filters
    “Я подходил к этому делу как к искусству и мои комменты были зачастую «прямо в тему»… Хоть делал их робот…”
KeyCAPTCHA's JigSaw Puzzle  "Lie to Me"

KeyCAPTCHA's JigSaw Puzzle "Lie to Me"

. So, now he developed a new miraculous technique of unavoidable spamming through antispam protection KeyCAPTCHA.

Though, what’s the difference?

Earlier his  bots entertained end-user with meaningful spam comments and now with meaningful entertaining spam (puzzle) pictures, leaving  happy not only advertisers but now also owners of web resources.


Though, one profound problem remains with this antispam spam scam.

Trojan KeyCAPTCHA Saving Money Pig


Spam or not spam is not determined by happiness of advertisers and advertising intermediaries, even when they are happy with spam owners of web resources,  but by explicit consent of end-users, or visitors of web-resources.

(Resolved) Anybody Out There, Please Please Tell Support I’m Buried Alive

September 16, 2011 5 comments

Resolved on January 19, 2012

Update  (2011/09/21):

Just now (this post is from 2011/09/16), I noticed that the web pages rendered to me from the topics opened by me are not viewable from non-logged-in user or from under other users.
So, I inserted screenshots of what I vs. others see


Original post:

KeyCAPTCHA Scam – How to Make Spam Unavoidable

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First Free (KeyCAPTCHA Plugin Description)

First Free (KeyCAPTCHA Plugin Description)

It is like in any scam scheme: first, a victim is enticed by an irresistible offer of absolutely free of charge novel (“first”, “innovative”, “sexy”. “unique”, etc.) miracle or easy way to earn money (including interesting job offer like it was for me by Then you are trapped by a  sneaky change in conditions of bargain (employment)… Accordingly, first, filled the internet with ads of its first absolutely free of charge (“unique”, “novel”, “innovative”, “unbreakable”) anti-spam miracle. It was not only without any advertising but even buyers of commercial fee-based KeyCAPTCHA service were initially prohibited to create CAPTCHAs with any advertising. Then, in the beginning of August, 2011, after bloggers started to write about  and webmasters with sysadmins to advise each other this miracle en masse, changed its ToS convering KeyCAPTCHA from antispam captcha into spam platform.

KeyCAPTCHA Plugin Contribution description in

KeyCAPTCHA Plugin Contribution description in

That is, a webmaster that installed it, cannot avoid spam served through installed KeyCAPTCHA plug-in from’s servers, except “agreeing” to buy “Personalized CAPTCHA” service or uninstalling KeyCAPTCHA plugin.Well, the end-user (a visitor) of a protected web resource, cannot just close your eyes and skip it like with any other spam. KeyCAPTCHA usually blocks access to webresource, like registering for forum, commenting blog article, posting, downloading a file, resetting a forgotten password, etc.

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  • August 9, 2011 -Created and published
  • Sept 15, 2011 – Changed the published date to Sept 09, 2011 in order to cjange the order of posts presentations


To Spam or Not To Spam: That is Not The Choice Anymore?

September 8, 2011 2 comments

This is something new that I did not discover immediately because Twitter is very lousy in presenting me my own tweets and the owner of twitter account is not notified about its own tweets.

Every 10-12 hours, for quite a time now, I supposedly tweet from my twitter account spam-tweets with the same content:

“Are you serious about weight loss? Read this article ASAP! <a varying URL link to a site with the same content>”

I left two tweets as a sample:

I removed access to all applications but these spam-tweets reappear, mostly at my night-hours, so I remove them in 6-8 hours after their staying in my feed  under my twitter account-name!

I can login to web resources (sites, blogs, social networks, etc.) sites through a SSO (single-sign-on or single-sign-through) using Twitter, Disqus, OpenID, etc. accounts without re-typing my username and password, even after explicitly removing my access. I simply press confirm-access buttons and my cached in browser credentials are being used.

Why cannot the earlier given access be cached by the sites and  re-used by hackers after I removed my access from target applications. And what about if I am presented the wrong descriptions during signing in?
And what choice I do have anyway?

There are simply no tracking of resources (sites) to which I ever signed in with Twitter.
I login with my SSO to comment, to post, etc. and then I even do not remember all such sites.
Even if I did, they mostly do not let to drop my accounts anyway

Is it a wrong question?

Tell me how to track and/or to stop spam-tweeting from my twitter account if I removed access to it to any application!

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Woah! Read Those Twitter Authorizations Carefully


Spam tweets stopped

Before appearance of spam tweets I created only one derivative (through my twitter account login) account on a web site having built-in based on IPB (IP.Board) WCMS  functionality of tweeting from it and republishing tweets from twitter account to that website.


And my account was banned soon after I tried to ask site’s administration team about possibility of spam tweets through my account on that web site.


I shall not indicate the URL of the site since this topic is interesting from conceptual point of view but not for tracing concrete technical or ethical breaches. Insists That I’ve NEVER Worked in KeyCAPTCHA Team Having Published Before That I Had

September 3, 2011 Leave a comment


The higher the KeyCAPTCHA goes, the more it shows his tail

The higher the KeyCAPTCHA goes, the more it shows his tail

Initially. Team published in internet dozens of slandering and blackening me forum posts, blog comments, that while working in I was caught for extortion of money, which KeyCAPTCHA Team managed to push removal of all from internet. See how and in my previous article


For example,  in this discussion  in, KeyCAPTCHA Team insists that I have never ever worked in

  • “1. Nedodurok, Вы НИКОГДА НЕ РАБОТАЛИ в нашей организации.
  • 2. В доменном имени невозможно работать
    "Вы НИКОГДА у нас НЕ РАБОТАЛИ. По поводу "преступников":
    мы проконсультируемся с нашими юристами о возможности приобщения так сказать"

While, here is the Google webcache of  a topic in before removal of the end of discussion, where KeyCAPTCHA’s CEO tells the opposite :

  • [Page 1]
  • [Page 2]   or the same from anonymizer(if the previous link failed)
    “И вообще Геннадий, …

    Этого человека я лично выгнал из команды KeyCAPTCHA,
    так как он от имени сервиса начал писать всякую фигню на форума..."
    "Ну вобщем я искренне надеюсь что следующие годика 3-4 Вы проведете рубя лес и шья варюжки"
  • [Page 3] – available as saved copy only, can Email on request

Note, how representative, by his completely unprovoked personal insults, had converted purely technical discussion into a flame and off-topic having requested thereafter to remove it

In the article “KeyCAPTCHA – 2” tells that KeyCAPTCHA’s support (from Email: in response to request about information in my blog explains that while working in, I was caught extorting money from my colleague (by what?) ed-handed by police.

The true story was completely opposite. CEO threatened me to concoct criminal case against me because I reminded him his promise to sign with me the working contract.

Meanwhile, I want to remind that by Russian Labor Legislation, in case of absence of written work contract, the contract is verbal and employment is established by the fact of work itself and not by signing or not agreements.

The Google+’s Nym Probe – Isn’t it a Scam to Change Agreements Unilaterally and Retroactively?

August 30, 2011 Leave a comment

"if you're not paying for something, you're not the customer; you're the product being sold" (Clik on the image to read)

"if you're not paying for something, you're not the customer; you're the product being sold" (Clik on the image to read)


. Update: Changed the title from initial
“I’ve Never Subscribed to either Buzz or Google+ but My Google Private Profiles ‘re Unilaterally and Retroactively  Published, then Dumped, Now Will Be Suspended?”


“The act of creating deliberately
confusing jargon
 and user-interfaces
which trick your users into sharing
more info about themselves than
they really want to”

Definition of Privacy Zuckering


It has become appallingly obvious that
our technology has exceeded our humanity.
~Albert Einstein


The evolution of sense is,
in a sense, the evolution of nonsense
~Vladimir Nabokov



After reading  the Stilgherrian’s “Right, Google, you stupid cunts, this is simply not on!”,
I’ve decided to write what have been bothering me for the very long time – that is, the ubiquitous internet practice of unilateral and retroactive changing of agreements.
And ,”naturally”, without any previous notice, with the notice about possible changes without any notice in the same ToS as well as  the big disclaimer part on waiving any guarantees or responsibilities

User agrees with ToS, while signing in, so it is the bi-lateral agreement. If s/he’s not likes conditions, he would not have subscribed.
But then s/he spends time, work, personal and business connections, acquires habits because he (presumable) trust to provider of an online service.
Read more by clicking here…

Are You Fearful About Your Intellectual Property Being Stolen?

August 28, 2011 1 comment

Cherry-Ann Carew, The Power Writing Coach, Editor, and Founder of Writetastic Solutions, is a contributing author to How the Fierce Handle Fear – ‘Secrets to Succeeding in Challenging Times.  Cherry-Ann helps writers with their creative expression to add value to their books. Learn how her coaching and editingservices can help you with your book. Subscribe for your FREE SPECIAL REPORT: ‘Discover The 3 Simple Steps That Will Help You Start And Finish Your Book.

via Are You Fearful About Your Intellectual Property Being Stolen?.


So, I had lied in that I would not “Press This” any more

My Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tools

August 25, 2011 Leave a comment

My Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tools.

Update: So, I did “Press This” 2nd time though had sweared here to abstain from it 

It takes twenty years to
become an overnight success
~Cantor, Eddie

That’s it!
During first 2 days after republishing, this “re-article” had 0 (zero) votes and overnight it got 17 downvotes, so I decided to comment why it is here.

This article was initially just one link, as I left on the 1st line,  produced by clicking in Gloria Rand’s article “My Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tools” the’s blog button “Press This”.

It was my 1st and, I believe, the last experience with “Press This” if this functionality changes or I master to change it.

I did not like the fact that article appeared republished w/o giving credits to original author or its ID (whatever it is link, username, blog, webpage or avatar). It appears as mine in search results,  has my own link, etc., etc.

This is the same problem as re-tweeting in twitter when a copyist (especially news bot aggregators, concentrators, etc.) receive credits becoming top twitterer, an author of a tweet on, being mentioned as an author “via”, etc., etc.

I still keep it because I need it as an illustrating example for more general article(s), I am writing now, on republishing and authors’ rights on the internet and some questions/suggestions to forums and support

And I hope the author, Gloria Rand, permitted me to keep it if I add more quotes 🙂

Protected: Lies, Big Lies and Statistics of KeyCAPTCHA Service Part 1 On the Amount of Protected Sites

August 18, 2011 Enter your password to view comments.

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

If Interested in a Free Service, then Don’t Promote it?

August 16, 2011 2 comments


Half the work that is done in this world
is to make things appear what they are not
~Beadle, E. R.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic
~Arthur C. Clarke’s 3d Law of Prediction)

But magic can sometimes just be an illusion

Belief in the absence of illusions is itself an illusion
~Barbara Harrison

A hallucination is a fact, not an error;
what is erroneous is a judgment based upon it
~Bertrand Russell   


       So, after a storm of angry publications by unhappy webmasters and uninstalls of KeyCAPTCHA plugings, on August 14, 2011, “announced” (by posting a few replies, for example here and there) that the free of charge option of its  service was restored from August 8, 2011 (probably because the last post of KeyCAPTCHA defending its removal was from August 7, 2011, see the same links upward). Novosibirsk time (GMT +6:00)  everywhere in this article.

The most funny thing was that there were no changes in ToS or any descriptions on webite whatsoever! But wait, there’s more

How to Lie without being Caught-22 (Lessons Learned from Communicating with

August 16, 2011 Leave a comment

Wisdom says that a liar should have a good memory. Not true on the internet,  it is enough to manage to change or remove your previous publications.

I and others caught, my former employer, to publicly lie hundreds times and you will not find any such publications.

From my observations, the posts on the forums based on WCMSs  (Web Content Management System)  like

usually let to change posts later, even after replies, whenever an author  likes.

While on

  • WordPress
  • Joomla (after being replied?)
  • IPB (aka IP.Board, InvsionPower Board) Services, how one should tag it in Social Media, I wonder?

do not (but only in a few minutes time immediately after posting) .

CSS Tutorials
What’s the point of permitting life-time changing (or deleting) what some has written, even after having dozens replies, I wonder?

One can check the forum’s CMS at the bottom of a web page and double-check it at webpage souce finding a string “generator”. Here is an example of HTML element from WordPress forum HTML-element:

  • <meta name=”generator” content=”WordPress 3.2″ />

What about comments in blogs and posts that cannot be edited/deleted?

That’s also simple. KeyCAPTCHA Team has done it many times. It is enough post personal  attacks on a participant the more and uglier the “better” until any sense is lost, then ask moderators, administrators/owner of the blog to delete the whole topic or branch for a flame and/or off-topic.

100% results of topic ensured to delete a thread, branch or a whole topic!

If the results are not immediate,  just return and do it again and again.

08/19/2011 Update: 

In Soviet Russia, spam activity of spam-captchas block human's access (We have detected spam activity, your actions are blocked)

Hilarious confirmation of this shit-technique employed by KeyCAPTCHA itself.
Read all thread!

“We have detected spam activity, your actions are blocked”

In Soviet Russia, spam activity of spam-captchas block human’s  access 

Another technique is to block writers (blog commenters) through its KeyCAPTCHA by IP-address.

This is very clever to self-advertise you, only fans of KeyCAPTCHA and advertising will be able to use internet soon.

Catch-22: How to Annoyingly Block New Users on a Web Site

August 16, 2011 Leave a comment

Recently I tried to register in

Even with the help of internet, I could not answer anti-spam registration question, it is always one and the same:

  • What was the most common engine used in the Dodge Aspen & Plymouth Volare?
The internet search gives help by the administrator of that site how to answer this question:
The same question is in “Contact Us” form
Funny, but in order to PM one should already be registered!
I appreciate the fun and pun of system administrators when they need to  block new user registrations  but what if they would need to draw more users in future and they already have the army of the-having-been-blocked-before?

Why Is KeyCAPTCHA the Lose-Lose for a Webmaster/Publisher

August 15, 2011 1 comment

“The first and worst of all frauds is to cheat one’s self”
Pearl Bailey

So, announced commercialization of its anti-spam service enticing webmasters by paying for letting unavoidable unwarranted to end-users  advertising pass through anti-spam CAPTCHAs.

Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil

Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil

What’s wrong with it for webmasters (owners of web resources)?

Webmaters And Advertisers Earnings Depend on End-User but Not Vice Versa or How the Formers Share End-User’s Money

The earning of webmaster depend on on website popularity, eventually on its  user-friendliness, convenience, respect of user’s rights, etc.

End-users (visitors of websites) hate CAPTCHAs, even more they hate advertising

Leaving no choice but to inevitably interact with advertising will not make most users content

Eventually,  it is end-users whose money  is shared , advertisers and webmasters are just intermediaries.

Intrusive Unavoidable Advertising is Crime

 Sharing the earnings with webmasters or established practice of unwarranted advertising doesn’t make the latter legitimate

Laws on advertising and on-line services providing of any countries stipulate that advertising cannot be intrusive – the user should explicitly agree on advertising and have options to reject, or, at least, ignore it. Publishers (in this case webmasters) are risking to be prosecuted

Is it Really So Lucrative in Practice?

Advertisers do not pay for any interaction with advertising  but only by specific users with specific profiles (interests) from specific geo-locations, etc.

KeyCAPTCHA does not have (a lot of) advertisers and here are some feedbacl of disfrunted webmasters from campaigns of advertising-capthchas with existing pool of advertisers:

What’s the Point in Outsourcing and Centralizing Your Security?

KeyCAPTCHA Blocks Humans

  • In Soveit Russia, CAPTCHAs Block Humans from its own Spam Activity

    You are outsourcing your decisions on whom to interact with your website and who is spammer.

    For example, I am not bot but I am blockedby IP-address  from any webresource access or functionality requiring KeyCAPTCHA because Team decided that I am a spammer!
    How do you know who else they do not or will not like?

  • Centralized Services are More Frequent Victims of DDOS Attacks
While working in, I had asked:
“Why do I make from  me a fool by promoting   KeyCAPTCHA while the website publishes its Email without ?”
and the answer was that it is externl service which can be down or blocked by a DDOS attack.Note it should not be down completely, it is enough if a DDOS attackcomes from your region for a datacenter used by KeyCAPTCHA service  to geo-filter packets from your direction and KeyCAPTCHA appear down for you.
  • Centralized Service is More Attractive for Hackers than a Single SiteIt is centralized external service, if it is hacked (also quite common situation nowadays), it is not just one protected websites but thousands.
    And this is quite appealing for hackers nowadays

My Favorite Wisdom Quotes on Fraud, Scam, Lying, Cheating, Magic, Sex, Illusion, Stupidity, Insanity, Profanity, Science, Art

August 15, 2011 2 comments

“With a gentleman I am always a gentleman and a half, and with a fraud I try to be a fraud and a half”
(Bismarck, Otto Von)

“Every two in one people is schizophrenic!”
(Latest Statistics)

Arthur C. Clarke’s Laws of Prediction:

  1. Witchcraft to the ignorant, …. Simple science to the learned”
  2.  The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.
  3. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”

“But magic can sometimes just be an illusion

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions”
~KARL MARX, Capital

“The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains”
~Karl Marx (The Communist Manifesto)

“”Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones But Whips And Chains Excite Me So Throw Me Down, Tie Me Up, Show Me That You Like Me”

“The evolution of sense is, in a sense, the evolution of nonsense”
~Vladimir Nabokov

“The first and worst of all frauds is to cheat one’s self. All sin is easy after that”
Pearl Bailey

“I would prefer even to fail with honor than to win by cheating”

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former
~Albert Einstein

“Between a fellow who is stupid and honest and one who is smart and crooked, I will take the first. I won’t get much out of him, but with that other guy I can’t keep what I’ve got”
~Lewis B Hershey

“All scams include an enticement for someone to fall for the scam. Without an enticement, no one would fall for a scam. Many times scams are so obvious. Scams always start with an enticement of free money, free vacations, wealth, and power, but they are vague or do not mention specifically how you will get the objects of your desire. This has all the markings of a scam”
(“Bread of deceit is sweet to a man; but afterwards his mouth shall be filled with gravel”, Call Evil Good – The Lure Of Sweetness At No Cost)

“Those who do not read are no better off than those who cannot”
(Chinese Proverb)

“Honesty is the cruelest game of all, because not only can you hurt someone – and hurt them to the bone – you can feel self-righteous about it at the same time”

“Disillusion is a natural stage that follows the holding of an illusion.
~ (Shaughnessy, Susan)

“Artists use frauds to make human beings seem more wonderful than they really are. Dancers show us human beings who move much more gracefully than human beings really move. Films and books and plays show us people talking much more entertainingly than people.”
(Vonnegut Jr., Kurt)

A woman should be an illusion.
~ Ian Fleming

A hallucination is a fact, not an error; what is erroneous is a judgment based upon it.
~Bertrand Russell

Belief in the absence of illusions is itself an illusion.
~Barbara Harrison

Half the work that is done in this world is to make things appear what they are not
~Beadle, E. R.

“We haven’t failed, but successfully shown it doesn’t work”
Boris Veldhuijzen (Unconfirmed)

“Nine-tenths of the existing books are nonsense and the clever books are the refutation of that nonsense”
~Benjamin Disraeli

“Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning”
~ Rich Cook

“The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits”
~Albert Einstein

 “I don’t know the question, but sex is definitely the answer”
~Woody Allen

“I either want less corruption or more chance to participate in it”
~ Asleigh Brilliant

KeyCAPTCHA Spam Platform – Rebutting’s Claims that Spamming is Legal

August 7, 2011 Leave a comment

In my previous article

I wrote about the dispute between the owner of, caught unawares by anti-spam service started to serve spam (ads picture puzzles + ads link) and disappearance of previous non-ads free  captcha options.

To Spam. or Not to Spam, That Is Already Not a Question. At least, for KeyCAPTCHA Team

To Spam. or Not to Spam, That Is Already Not a Question. At least, for KeyCAPTCHA Team

In the followed afterwards discussion, in comments to Fisana’s blog and in forum post.  KeyCAPTCHA Team re-stated that, according to changes of rules on August 2, 2011,   webmasters have no free no-ads options any more. Now, there are 2 options to use (3d one to stop using) KeyCAPTCHA service ONLY:

  •  to buy “Personalized CAPTCHA” service (and serve whatever you want, including your own  captchas without ads)
  •   to create advertising campaign permitting 3d-party ads to earn money. Hacking to remove ads picture (puzzles) and ads links will lbe punished by ban
  • to uninstall KeyCAPTCHA plug-in and install alternative measure of anti-spam protection

So, recapitulating the “new” KeyCAPTCHA’s policies and rules:

  1. no opt-in to refuse (unsubsribe)  from ads by addressee
    In Russia, it is illegal under Part 2 of article  10 of Федеральный Закон Российской Федерации 149-ФЗ от 27 июля 2006 г. “ОБ ИНФОРМАЦИИ, ИНФОРМАЦИОННЫХ ТЕХНОЛОГИЯХ И О ЗАЩИТЕ ИНФОРМАЦИИ”
  2. the ads are being provided without prior obligatory consent by addressee
    In Russia, it is is illegal according to article 18.1 of  Федеральный закон Российской Федерации от 13 марта 2006 г. 38-ФЗ “О рекламе”
  3. no option of free of charge service without external/3d-party ads
    This seems to be available in any other CAPTCHA service, including those promoted as ads platforms
  4. impossible to identify of a  person distributing ads:
    KeyCAPTCHA Team is in Russia,
    now presents itself as US-based Mersane Ltd.,
    having presented itself untill the March, 2011 as Joint Stock ITNP (ЗАО ИТНП)
    under the jurisdiction (see item 10.6) “of the Republic of Seychelles, without regard to conflict-of-laws provisions”
    In Russia, it is illegal under Part 2 of article  10 of Федеральный Закон Российской Федерации 149-ФЗ от 27 июля 2006 г. “ОБ ИНФОРМАЦИИ, ИНФОРМАЦИОННЫХ ТЕХНОЛОГИЯХ И О ЗАЩИТЕ ИНФОРМАЦИИ”
  5. No guarantees or liabilities by , see  item 4 of KeyCAPTCHA’s ToS
    In Russia, it is illegal under article 12 , article 38 of  Федеральный закон Российской Федерации от 13 марта 2006 г. 38-ФЗ “О рекламе”

I cited the laws of Russian Federaration though there are similar statements in the laws of most countries stating that unavoidable advertising (or intrusive or inescapable or indivertible or unpreventable or  encroaching or meddlesome or invasive advertising) is illegal.
Read for example: “Unavoidable Advertising – Is It Legal in the U.S.?”
I skipped EU legislation since US one is the most relaxed.

The Team argues then that:

  • unwarranted advertising is omnipresent in TV, printed press, cinema, etc.
    Well, this is demagoguery –  I can always opt to skip watching or reading unwarranted ads and by this will not block deprive me from access other resources.
  • that spamming is legal as far as online service informs about it in its ToS  (Terms of Service)
    No comments:  commit any crime, just don’t forget write your rules for this, even afterwards, as did.

KeyCAPTCHA “Genius” Demagoguery – Antispam Spamming Platform: Why to Buy a Spambot, Buy the Spam-thru-CAPTCHAs Share

August 6, 2011 4 comments
Webmasters has no right to reject the advertising served through KeyCAPTCHA

"Вышел ёжик из тумана, Вынул..." - Webmasters has no right to reject the advertising served through KeyCAPTCHA

Why to buy a  spambot, if one can buy the right to spam through the network of  “anti-spam”  “highly interactive” captchas?

Anti-spam CAPTCHAs as advertising platform are not new.
The new’s “innovation” is that:

  • webmasters having installed anti-spam KeyCAPTCHA do not have any control of what is being served served, or spammed through such anti-antispam external KeyCAPTCHA service (including to opt for free non-ads captchas), except its uninstall
  •  initially it is promoted through non-ads KeyCAPTCHs with following change to obligatory spam without any notice

Let me cite (in my translation) the dialogue between KeyCAPTCHA Team and the webmaster/sysadmin of Fisana in her blog article:

The original article proposed a discovered hack how to continue serving KeyCAPTCHA without spam (ads puzlle + link) and stated about complaints of users and decreased rate of registrations on forum due to unwarranted ads served through KeyCAPTCHA.

The followed in comments dialogue,  briefed by me  + I added links:

    Hacking of our KeyCAPTCHA service will be punished by ban according to KeyCAPTCHA Terms of Service and Use Agreement
  • Fisana:
    I was horrified to find out that KeyCAPTCHA plugin setting on website does not have an option of non-advertising captchas
    According to “Publishers” section you can create advertising campaign with your own captchas
  • Fisana:
    I do not need advertising campaigns and do not have the time to add my captchas ,  I just  want to continue being served with non-ads pictures.
  • KeyCAPTCHA (my favorite one):
    Our service is absolutely gratuitous, if you do not want ads, you can either buy out its abscence or use other alternative solutions (i.e. having uninstalled KeyCAPTCHA plug-in)
    Besides webmasters’ earning on it, it provides 100% protection from spam-bots
  • Fisana:
    This is you right.
    But, before serving ads, you should have warned your users.
    When I started to use your service, there was no advertising either in captchas being served or in your ToS!
    There was a free unconstrained service + fee-based additional unasked options
    I did not subscribe  ads can be served to my website without my permission or even warning!
    We warned by Emails only those webmasters whose webresource themes were interesting to our advertisers. No one of warned webmasters stopped using KeyCAPTCHA service but only thanked us
    The rules at the moment of your registration told:

“KeyCAPTCHA may at any time revise these Terms of Service by updating this posting. By using KeyCAPTCHA, you agree to be bound by any such revisions and should therefore periodically visit this page to determine the then-current Terms of Service to which you are bound”

Such, or very similar item, is present in most of on-line srvices

  •    Fisana:
    Serving the advertising requies obligatory consent by webmaster
    KeyCAPTCHA’s Initial ToS (Terms of Service)  did not mention any advertising at all. Adding ads and ads links is the change of  service [my comment: what a naivity, see (*)]
    And where is the guarantees that next changing of ToS will not bring to my website something illegal (porno, etc.)?
    Our KeyCAPTCHA always had logo with links to website. It was also ads… What’s the difference?
  • Fisana:
    Visitors do not like ads pictures/puzzles in captcha. Hadn’t they complained, I’d not have noticed it at all
    Item 1.17 of our rules is
    “1.17 The User shall not evade, modify, crack or interrupt into the operating mechanisms of the Service and of the Site.
    Any breach of the Agreement’s Terms results in the suspension of User’s account and access blocking to the Service and the Site.”
    We reccommend WP-NOTCAPTCHA
    YouTube service is inserting advertising into its video stream.

The comments were truncated by me. You can read them in full using online translator

I was dismissed under invented pretexts because I expressed on many occasions my disagreement with business model based on changing the rules, agreements, ToS which is, in my opinion, is cheating and fraud.

And you, what do you think about?

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History of changes:



Dismissal in “Good Will” a-la-KeyCAPTCHA

August 2, 2011 Leave a comment

“Let’s part in good will” a la-KeyCAPTCHA, it is when you offered 11,500 rubles of dismissal payment having 43,000 rubles of unpaid salary (if to forget about few times bigger severance pack) and when you refuse such a generous offer, you are repeatedly threatened by criminal cases for theft in office, physical violence, etc.

Then, “company” offers you even more, than one can expect, to compensate your unfair  treatment  and you get caught red-handed by police called by your “employer” during receiving this payout money. It also happens that the “company” which hired you, has never legally existed (except on website) and you extorted money (but really rejected them few times) from persons that rented a business offce for activities on the internet.

So, instead of employment,  payments of your work or seeking new employment after dismissal,  you are forced to study criminal laws and prepare for criminal litigation with your former “employer”.

But what was the point?
I am  trapped and have no ethical, moral or psychic restrictions to protect me against unfair accusations  and forced to go until the end and by all means

KeyCAPTCHA, I’m a Liar – Pants on Fire – Was I Good or Bad?

July 23, 2011 Leave a comment

I am 48, Cybernetics Engineer, the last 14 years worked as IT commercial coder. Well, I always coded but before IT it was R&D – science and applied maths, AI, numerical and analytical calculations,  that stuff.

I should confess that  I have never blogged or tweeted before the beginning of this year2011. InDecember, 2011, I was “employed” by Joint Stock ITNP (,) “company”,  I still do not know how to title it,  as Software Developer in Test and Supporter. The latter was supposed to be minor duty since there was very little amount of users as well as problems.

Since  I was initially quite excited by the technical and “business” perspectives. оn my own initiative and against the employer’s opinion that it was a wate of time, I created twitter account KeyCAPTCHA and started to tweet. The results were astonishing – in a week, the rate of visitors of web site increased thrice!

Later, after I was fired,  my employer ( started to insist that:

Why were such ridiculous claims that someone can distort 10,000 USD by stealing someone’s twitter account?

Look at statistics of daily visitor rates (the figure temporarily removed, I’ll send privately it on request):

  • January 23, 2011 – I renamed my private(personal)  twitter account into @KeyCAPTCHA (KeyCAPTCHA Team) and started to promote through KeyCAPTCHA plugins to KeyCAPTCHA service; 
  • 05/03/2011 – I was dismissed
  • 05/06/2011 – the visiting of started to drop, since my former employer (“company” had shot itself in its foot by contesting the ownership of KeyCAPTCHA twitter account which was thereafter suspended!

BTW, the increase stopped because I had been categorically prohibited to post anything except official news duplicating them from company’s “What’s new” section of website. I also was prohibited to blog about KeyCAPTCHA.

One of the main and the only proof of that I am a liar and crook was that I blogged (posted articles) under multiple accounts in :

  “He has (had) a few accounts on but the owner of these accounts is the same person.

We want to thank the moderators of They have blocked all his accounts.

Here are his banned accounts:

Best regards,

This, posting from multiple accounts or commenting blogs under multiple nicknames, was what I was taught and instructed to do for promoting discussions on KeyCAPTCHA while I was working in KeyCAPTCHA Team .
It is what all members of KeyCAPTCHA Team regularly did before my coming to  and continue doing after my leaving it.

For example,  this blog article “Плагин KeyCAPTCHA” has a few comments on July 5, 2011, under multiple nicknames (KeyCAPTCHA and Bob) by the same person of KeyCAPTCHA Team presenting itself both as KeyCAPTCHA Team member (under KeyCAPTCHA nickname)  and as a “passer-by” fan of KeyCAPTCHA reading all my publications (under Bob nickname). Let me remind that I was fire in May, 2011

It is now common practice when companies and state governments order and pay for marketing campaigns, so called astroturfing, use “sock puppets” (multiple false online personalities) in social media and even use the software for its automatization .

Another common practice is that most social media accounts openly advertise and promote its parallel accounts from the same person. For example, in Twitter:

While I can understand why accounts being banned and blogs deleted by, I cannot agree that blogs are being deleted without any previous warning and giving the chance to comply with rules because the’s rules  shown during registration do not tell anything about prohibiting multiple accounts for blogging.

Is it also common practice that webresources do not have any rules or intentionally have rules that impossible to comprehend and/or follow?  promoting the situation that nobody cares to read or comply with them ?

So, is posting from multiple accounts a fraud or common de-facto practice on the internet?
Or, is it both?

Is it contagious?

Should I stop lying or perfect me in this?
What do you think?

former non-employee

What Is the “first” in KeyCAPTCHA and Why to Have it Externally, i.e. Out of Control?

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While working in, I tried, always in vain (i.e. fruitlessly),  to convince  changing its main (as first phrase or the title)  (anti)marketing phrase in many’s marketing articles, including in website “What is KeyCAPTCHA” description:

KeyCAPTCHA is the first free service providing a powerful anti-spam website protection through a new generation interactive CAPTCHA.

to be less self-debunking and more clear.


Warning This Has No Brain Use Your Own! Credit to

ALERT: This KeyCAPTCHA Has No Brain (Starts-Stops Automatically) Use Your Own! Credit to

The word “interactive” is really synonym to “intrusive for a visitor”, in contrast to non-intrusive anti-spam solutions like filtering, honey-traps (honey-pots), etc. Except its anti-marketing (i.e. negative) nature, it does not convey any information since in reality KeyCAPTCHA should have been  more specifically described as “DRAG’N’DROP” and/or “not requiring text typing” (non-Texting?)  instead of vague and generic “interactive”. All visible (presented) to a visitor CAPTCHAs are really interactive in that they require user’s interactions like typing, drag’n’drop-ping, clicking, etc.

The word “free” means in reality, for external service, like, “un-paid by a user”. external service internals are not free for scrutiny (or reuse) like open sourced products

All known to me anti-spam services are either free of charge or provide free of charge options/versions in parallel to fee-based service.   The latter is in no way different from service having both fee-based and free of charge options of its service.

Since it is ridiculous to tout an anti-spam service  as “first free” , let me guess, that it is a simple way to assure that users of KeyCAPTCHA did not read about and do not care what they have installed

The idea of non-texting captcha was researched before KeyCAPTCHA (introduced in 2010)  a lot, for example:

There are dozens open-source projects offering CAPTCHs based on idea of choosing/clicking an image, for example:

as well as DRAG’N’DROP CAPTCHAs, for example:

that, IMO, avoid the main point of vulnerability existing in KeyCAPTCHA – that it is external centralized proprietary service out of control of webresource owner who installs it.

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History of changes: Initiated Criminal Investigation against Itself

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KeyCAPTCHA вызвала милицейских или полиционеров?

KeyCAPTCHA вызвала милицейских или полиционеров?

KeyCAPTCHA Team published a few posts insisting that I had never worked in KeyCAPTCHA Team.

I have copies of dozens of KeyCAPTCHA’s posts backuped from:

telling the opposite, all deleted later at the request of KeyCAPTCHA Team  which I can Email on request of anybody interested in.

The only posts by KeyCAPTCHA Team confirming that I was dismissed from company and still remained undeleted are in :

in the latter explaining the reasons of my dismissal and insisting, again with its usual lies,  that I was full paid out (I was not).
Thanks to the administration  of that it did not follow other resources and did not remove these posts at  the later request of!

The essence of conflict is that Team considers that as soon as it avoided its promise to formalize the written working contract with me, I was not hired and I was not employee and there is no need to pay either salary (for the last 2 months) nor dismissal fees according to Russian Federation Labor (or Employment) Law.

According to Russian Federation Labor Legislation, I am employee under protection of this law as soon as I started to work under conditions and verbal agreements of employment like, in my case:

  • I passed agreed 2-month probation period (Dec, 2010 – Jan, 2011),
  • routinely worked in office fulfilling employer’s instructions

which qualify me as employee and my working relations as employment under protection of Employment Law.

There are dozens of witnesses of my employment and thousands proves. filed the LawSuit qualifying my inquiries about my salary and dismissal fees payout as extortion. initiating criminal investigation against me wanting to incarcerate me (for my inquiries  of payout of my work) up to 7 years. Cf.. for example,’s:

There Should Be A Special Prison For Stupid Staff from

By this, i.e. initiating police investigation, has put itself on its own initiative  under criminal investigation of its illegal business (economic) activities.

I am looking forward for the court being sure in victory of justice, common sense and law!

former employee of company

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Why Twitter Supports Criminals?

July 16, 2011 Leave a comment

Many times I reported to twitter support (opened a few tickets) that a dozen of Team’s tweets from stolen from me @KeyCAPTCHA twitter account are lies and some of them are simply crimes:

The tweet “This person stole our twitter account @KeyCAPTCHA. And he started to extort money from our company” is lie

The tweet “When he started his threats we reported to the police immediately. The police helped us to get our twitter account back”  is lie

  •  When did I steal my Twitter account and How could I possibly  extort money by stealing any Twitter account? 

The Tweet of “He is under recognizance not to leave now”  is crime.

  • I am not and was never in my life under any recognizance oreven  informed about opening criminal case against me until now (Updated on August 11, 2011). Although, By law, it should have been done in maximum 10 days

The Tweet “The police are investigating it (all his other illegal actions (extortion of money, his threats and publishing slander)) now” is crime.

  • Until the end of investigation, the publishing of such “conclusions” is the crime under Russian and international laws.

The Tweet “Stop your lie. Your way can just aggravate your situation. See you in court” is intimidating threat publication of which is legally qualified as crime.

  • etc.

Instead of returning stolen from me @KeyCAPTCHA twitter account or or suspending it for reported by me abuses, twitter support permanently suspended (i.e. deleted)  my own (another) private account from which I reported (opened tickets) or tried to reply to such abuses and lies!

Except that I do not understand why Twitter obviously supports criminal activities, I do not understand why I am, as the author of my tweets, rejected the right at least to make copies of my content before blccking me from it without any warnings and expanations

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How I Stole My Own KeyCAPTCHA Twitter Account

July 16, 2011 3 comments

In its recent Tweet :

We have restored an access to our stolen twitter account @KeyCAPTCHA

as well as in other publications of Team, I am publicly called the thief who stole my own twitter account!

@KeyCAPTCHA twitter account has been created, used by me only from my private Gmail accounts by my own private initiative (having been always reprimanded for wasting time for this trash – Social Networking and communication) under its initially given by me  username: @Coulombusser on January 20, 2011.
Renamed to @KeyCAPTCHA on Jan 23, 2011 (having changed it before final username @KeyCAPTCHA dozen of usernames).

I am the only author and user (before hijacking of @KeyCAPTCHA from me) having access to its activation link (with code), all , again my private, Gmail boxes and thousands Email notifications (about following, DMs – direct messages, etc) from it.

And I even opened a few support tickets from it on problems of accessing my another private twitter account in February and March, 2011 Team stole access to my @KeyCAPTCHA twitter account on June 3, 2011. by fraud , i.e. by promising to pay me negated earlier salary debt + dismissal fees for which I was caught by police.

KeyCAPTCHA Team does not have access to history of its use, Gamail accounts used with it and activation code!

Well, there are a lot of accounts for everybody in this world. I am not greedy.
Even more, I decided that tweeting is a waste of time for me, especially after Google stopped real-time indexing of Tweets.
KeyCAPTCHA Team, continue wasting it yourself.

But if KeyCAPTCHA Team insists, I can insist in my requests to twitter support to return me my @ KeyCAPTCHA twitter account back as I am the only author and user who has all copies about its activation and history of its use

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How I was KeyCAPTCHAured: a Story of Scammed Ex-Employee

July 15, 2011 Leave a comment
Muck and KeyCAPTCHA Go Together

His business, his website, his KeyCAPTCHA - what about users and employees?


“If u are not paying for it,
you’re not the customer;
you’re the product being sold”
~Andrew Lewis


I am a former “employee” of “company”, having worked for it since 11 Dec, 2010 till May, 2011.

I believe that users of external antispam service will be better informed if they know my story of relations with persons providing KeyCAPTCHA service


But wait, there’s more

Debunking KeyCAPTCHA Myths (3d-party publications)

July 15, 2011 1 comment

It’s non-marketed (non-paid, non-promoted and often deleted at request of KeyCAPTCHA Team) point of view  on services.

Judge yourself.
I am only citing the publications of others (to which I have no relation or involvement) or easily verifiable on the internet data.
I even do not publish my info on scams as insider (and former employee) of

Antispam is being reported as known spammer:

Keycaptcha Plug-in Unpublished from Joomla Extension Directory for Fraud

Keycaptcha Unpublished from JED (oomla Extension Directory) for Fraud

KeyCAPTCHA plugin contribution is unpublished from:

It is not true that KeyCAPTCHA is unbreakable by bots,

as it is being affirmed by marketing publications, it is just not being hacked on unpopular web resources. Tthere are hundred of publications debunking KeyCAPTCHA’s invincibility:

KeyCAPTCHA being Uninstalled and Replaced by Other Antispam Solution(s) on hundreds webresources due its to technical or usability problems:


  • etc.

Non-Usability & User Un-Friendliness of Interactive CAPTCHAs

No support of the blind users. 
And interactive captchas cannot support the blind.
Might be this is my lie and slander but I could not find any publications proving the opposite.
Users’ feedbacks about KeyCAPTCHA:


“I love puzzles. I made 9 accounts!”
Cited from:

“What a size!!!” (exclamation of a girl picture taken from website)
Cited from:

former KeyCAPTCHA Team member
caught by police in cooperation with my former employer ( Team) for receiving my salary qualified as extortion

Shocked to Find that an Article Can Be Published with Any Date Irrespectively on the Time of Its Creation (Authorship, BlackHat Web Scraping, SEO Ranking Problems?!)

July 10, 2001 1 comment

This post is really created on Sept 15, 2011
but WordPress permits to change publication date

Isn’t it confusing for priority authorship disputes as well as for determining who webscraped, stole?

Note that the link of article still shows:


i.e. Jul 10, 2011, the date of I indicated during 1st publishing which I later changed to Jul 10, 2001 while I created it on Sept 15, 2011

Now it is published with

  • Status: Published
    Other choices I’ve tested:
    Published – Pending Review – Draft
  • Visibility: Public
    Other choices I’ve tested:
    Public – Password Protected – Private
History of changes:
  • Initial title:

    Testing Link Generation and Public Visibility of Blog Post During Status (Published – Pending Review – Draft) and Visibility (Public – Password Protected – Private)