KeyCaptcha and its weird methods

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Users’ feedback on KeyCAPTCHA:

KeyCAPTCHA Email protecting service: One More Little Lie For The Sake of The Big True Lie

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Having a big employment experience in various countries, before my “employment” in, I’ve never encountered the situation when employer and colleagues are always misinforming you, even on unimportant trifles.


One more such petty lie I recalled after reading the question by Trevor Matthews:

and the answer there by KeyCAPTCHA:

Well, thу correct answer is that  KeyCAPTCHA developers are or were  never using this service to protect their own Email addresses.
When I asked “Why?”, the answer was:

  • “Because address would not available if our servers are down or DDOSed”
    Note that a service can be up but unreachable from certain destinations from/to which DDOS attacks come, kinda frequent situation in modern internet

I did feel me awkward by this answer because I advised this service not used by its own provider to my friends as well as I could not understand why I was misinformed  about this before.
Business is business. In order to be deceptive one does not need to lie directly, just to omit some details.
At least, I could have full correct answer long before I made a clown from me before my acquaintances and friends.



The Lie on 100% KeyCAPTCHA’s Protection (Unbreakablity) from Bots: Debunking KeyCAPTCHA’s Myths

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The myth about 100% protection from bots (or, rather, marketing slogan) is republished in thousands publications on the internet.

Those republishing it obviously did not minimally bother to search internet by keywords:

  • jigsaw puzzles machine (computer) solving (assembling)
  • visual recognition

to know that jigsaw puzzles were being successfully solved (assembled) by computer (machines, bots) long before CAPTCHA invention, image- video- or speech recognition.
Later, I shall update this article with references of concrete reports debunking this myth

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Antispam Email Spam

September 26, 2011 3 comments

We Are on's Mailing List

We Are on's Mailing List (Credit to


This is funny.

Professional spammers and blackhat profiteers openly boast that they own antispam protection.


It was an open secret for a very long time  that its is in list of known spammers (difficult or impossible to unsubscribe from a service once subscribed) as well as there were reports that’s antispam protection collects Emails.. .


I’ve got a 3d-party Email confirming this (I leave contacts as they are publicly available on the internet)

From:  gloria<at>
  to Gennady <>
date Thu, Sep 8, 2011 at 8:07 PM
subject Fwd: Changes in KeyCAPTCHA Terms of Service

Check out this email I got today. I don’t recall signing up for their service.


Gloria Rand
SEO Copywriter & Social Media Consultant
Turning Keywords into… Copy that Clicks!
Authorized 1&1 Hosting Affiliate
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———- Original Message ———-
From: KeyCAPTCHA <>
Date: September 8, 2011 at 7:33 AM
Subject: Changes in KeyCAPTCHA Terms of Service

Dear Gloria,
We are pleased to inform you that now the KeyCAPTCHA Service will protect your website(s) against spam as well as it will provide you with the opportunity to earn money by ad displaying in KeyCAPTCHA at your website(s).
Please, get to know with the updated Terms of Service at

For more information on amount of your income, click here .

Ad displaying in KeyCAPTCHA at your website(s) will launch on September 12, 2011.
An advertisement in KeyCAPTCHA will be displayed if we have advertisers who are willing to advertise in KeyCAPTCHA at websites whose subject matter suits your website’s subject.

If for some reason you are reluctant to earn money by our service, and you are unwilling to display ads in KeyCAPTCHA at your website, you have to go to your website’s additional settings and turn off ad displaying in KeyCAPTCHA at your website.

We anticipate a long-term and fruitful collaboration.

Best regards,

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Antispam “KeyCAPTCHA is Under Attack” Forum Spam as an Example of “Best PR is Black PR” Technique

September 23, 2011 3 comments

KeyCAPTCHA Profiteers Protect Us from Amateur Spammers (Credit to

KeyCAPTCHA Professional Profiteering Spammers Protect Us from Amateur Spammers (Credit to


.“Life is not about waiting
for the storm to pass,
it’s about learning
to dance in the rain”
~Unknown Author
(sometimes attributed to
Viviane Greene)



. antispam service created viral publicity of its service as absolutely free, having involved in this campaign many others unaware.

KeyCAPTCHA Under Money Rain Attack (Credit to

KeyCAPTCHA Under Money Rain Attack (Credit to creators being professional spammers and blackhat profiteers routinely use  Email and forum spam (See also: “Antispam Spam“) , spinning software,  content farms to fill internet with spam promoting its antispam KeyCAPTCHA service.

One of the latest examples devoted to slandering me personally was botted by hundreds identical texts over the internet

what technically and legally constitutes as forum spam

Here are my answers to it:


“The person spreading a slander and a lie regarding the KeyCAPTCHA Service uses different nicknames on different web resources” [1-2]

My answer:

I have to use multiple accounts since they were deleted by the requests of without any check of facts.

By the way, most was created due to instructions of ex-employer, before the date of my dismissal (May, 2011) and if it insists, I can expose them publicly.

Please read my “KeyCAPTCHA, I’m a Liar – Pants on Fire – Was I Good or Bad?”


I do not post in the same site under different nicknames and accounts as it is routinely being done by continuing to spam forums under multiple nicknames (usernames, accounts) in the same topic.
For example, KeyCAPTCHA account and its clones (babnicks, Drew_007) were banned in for aggressive spamming, off-topic, flame (personal insulting of its concurrent business in Russia)  in the same topic!

I do publish only part of truth which is is easily available for check in public access on the internet!

“You can find it out by googling “KeyCAPTCHA is under attack” (quoted)” [1-2]

My answer:
Well, you can’t find all because exact copies of the same text are blacklisted by search engines but I give the partial (that I could find) list of references (URLs) below [1].
his person extorted money from our employee. And he had been caught by the police when he was taking the money” [1-2]

My answer:
I could not extort money from KeyCAPTCHA’s employee because I was informed by this “employer”, already  after my dismissal  that company that hired me (I am in Russia), was not registered legal company having changed its previous alleged locations (now it is US-based Mersane) and legally could not have employees

Also read:

“This person alleges that he had been our employee. But it is the lie.

We are not going to conceal that he assisted us in supporting our twitter account.
But after the numerous reprimands regarding the quality of his messages on our twitter, we had fulfilled all our obligations to this person and renounced his assistance” [1-2]

My answer:

This is already 7th variant of my story by I am reading about me.
The 1st one was that I had never worked in,
stole @KeyCAPTCHA twitter account with the help of which I  extorted money
(Isn’t it reidiculous that someone can extort thousands UDSs by stealing a twitter account?)
Read my post:  “How I Stole My Own KeyCAPTCHA Twitter Account”

I was employed as Software Developer in Test.

Getting job for supporting a twitter account with my qualifications and experience is ridiculous

Read also: “Who Stole @KeyCAPTCHA Twitter Account?”
“But he has never been an employee of our company.

We just had a verbal agreement with this person” [1-2]

My answer:
By Russian Labor Legislature and Employment Laws, the  employment is being determined by the fact of working employer-employee relationships (working in office, fulfilling working instructions under daily timetable, etc.) but not by writing and signing agreements.
This is quite similar in EU labor legislature.

I was promised the formalization of written contract after 2-month probation which I successfully passed as well as I have thousands proves and witnesses of my work as employer. "The Twitter support team had blocked his 3 accounts of his slander and lie 
on the KeyCAPTCHA Service right after our request and his 2 accounts 
without our requests support team has blocked his 2 accounts of the same lie" [1-2]

My answer:
And I believed that KeyCAPTCHA’s efficiency was, at least 80% while it is  just 1-2/7=71%

I shall publish the list of banned for spamming KeyCAPTCHA accounts soon

Also, read my article: “Why Twitter Supports Criminals?”

“We are not going to reply to his future messages on this website. It is not our goal.

We just wanted to publish the facts regarding this person” [1-2]

My answer:
KeyCAPTCHA’s spambot has a bug.
It swears everywhere multiple times in the same threads that it is its last reply .

For example, there are the same promise in the same threads with continued self-talking thereafter:

“Our service and company are absolutely legal.

Here are the variants of using KeyCAPTCHA:” [1-2]

My answer:

The facts are that continues to use intentionally deceptive, misleading, false and fraudulent marketing and advertising I published before  and none of them has ever been addressed (if to ignore the attacks on my Multiple Nym Disorder Syndrome induced by my experience from working in and protecting from


.Cited above:

[1] Some of the links to “KeyCAPTCHA under attack” publications (posts, comments, etc.):

[1a] In English only

  • etc.

[1b] Ibid in English + in Russian (before the same in English)

Ibid, In Russian:

Ibid, deleted by webmasters as spam:

Dear Visitors,

The person spreading a slander and a lie regarding the KeyCAPTCHA Service uses different nicknames on different web resources.
He thinks up his new slander and lie from time to time.

You can find it out by googling “KeyCAPTCHA is under attack” (quoted).

======= Ooops, cut in order to avoid creating large chunk of duplicated content


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New Trends in Spamming: Spam Fused into Antispam Protection with Spamming Visitors Instead of Web Sites

September 20, 2011 4 comments

. Brain Thimbles Scammers at Work

KeyCAPTCHA Thimbles: Set Spammers to Catch a Spam KeyCAPTCHA Thimbles: Set a Spammer to Catch a Spam. KeyCAPTCHA is created by professional spammers and load spam directly to browsers what webmaster unable to see or control

“There are only 2 ways of telling the complete truth –

anonymously and posthumously”
~Thomas Sowell


“Find out what the meaning of life is,
and see if we can monetize it”
@bizcartoons (Ted Goff)


Spamming web sites with links to fool search engines was always doomed game because it irritated both owners of web resources and visitors.

Also, even appearing of website in top of  SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) did not mean having marketing success

So, the recent trend is to deliver unwarranted advertising, aka spam, directly to visitors without leaving spam on web resources (sites, blogs, etc.) as well as to bribe (sorry, share profits with) owners of web resources.

Trojan KeyCAPTCHA Full of Matreshkas

Trojan KeyCAPTCHA Full of Matreshkas

Looks like spamming through antispam solutions became more lucrative than previous spamming schemes.

The author exIV of an article

.confesses in comments to this articles that:

  • he is professional spammer and blackhat specialist
    (“А спамер я был по-совмеместительству, я занимался черным СЕО…и было время когда на клик-клике да рупоиске по 500$ в день капало 🙂 “
  • and now  the owner of  KeyCAPTCHA
    (“ну то есть конечно я владелец кейкапчи”)
  • always approached the spamming and spambot development with imagination considering it to be an art and his botted comments were contextual and undetectable by antispam filters
    “Я подходил к этому делу как к искусству и мои комменты были зачастую «прямо в тему»… Хоть делал их робот…”
KeyCAPTCHA's JigSaw Puzzle  "Lie to Me"

KeyCAPTCHA's JigSaw Puzzle "Lie to Me"

. So, now he developed a new miraculous technique of unavoidable spamming through antispam protection KeyCAPTCHA.

Though, what’s the difference?

Earlier his  bots entertained end-user with meaningful spam comments and now with meaningful entertaining spam (puzzle) pictures, leaving  happy not only advertisers but now also owners of web resources.


Though, one profound problem remains with this antispam spam scam.

Trojan KeyCAPTCHA Saving Money Pig


Spam or not spam is not determined by happiness of advertisers and advertising intermediaries, even when they are happy with spam owners of web resources,  but by explicit consent of end-users, or visitors of web-resources.

(Resolved) Anybody Out There, Please Please Tell Support I’m Buried Alive

September 16, 2011 5 comments

Resolved on January 19, 2012

Update  (2011/09/21):

Just now (this post is from 2011/09/16), I noticed that the web pages rendered to me from the topics opened by me are not viewable from non-logged-in user or from under other users.
So, I inserted screenshots of what I vs. others see


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