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How I was KeyCAPTCHAured: a Story of Scammed Ex-Employee

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Muck and KeyCAPTCHA Go Together

His business, his website, his KeyCAPTCHA - what about users and employees?


“If u are not paying for it,
you’re not the customer;
you’re the product being sold”
~Andrew Lewis


I am a former “employee” of “company”, having worked for it since 11 Dec, 2010 till May, 2011.

I believe that users of external antispam service will be better informed if they know my story of relations with persons providing KeyCAPTCHA service


But wait, there’s more


Debunking KeyCAPTCHA Myths (3d-party publications)

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It’s non-marketed (non-paid, non-promoted and often deleted at request of KeyCAPTCHA Team) point of view  on services.

Judge yourself.
I am only citing the publications of others (to which I have no relation or involvement) or easily verifiable on the internet data.
I even do not publish my info on scams as insider (and former employee) of

Antispam is being reported as known spammer:

Keycaptcha Plug-in Unpublished from Joomla Extension Directory for Fraud

Keycaptcha Unpublished from JED (oomla Extension Directory) for Fraud

KeyCAPTCHA plugin contribution is unpublished from:

It is not true that KeyCAPTCHA is unbreakable by bots,

as it is being affirmed by marketing publications, it is just not being hacked on unpopular web resources. Tthere are hundred of publications debunking KeyCAPTCHA’s invincibility:

KeyCAPTCHA being Uninstalled and Replaced by Other Antispam Solution(s) on hundreds webresources due its to technical or usability problems:


  • etc.

Non-Usability & User Un-Friendliness of Interactive CAPTCHAs

No support of the blind users. 
And interactive captchas cannot support the blind.
Might be this is my lie and slander but I could not find any publications proving the opposite.
Users’ feedbacks about KeyCAPTCHA:


“I love puzzles. I made 9 accounts!”
Cited from:

“What a size!!!” (exclamation of a girl picture taken from website)
Cited from:

former KeyCAPTCHA Team member
caught by police in cooperation with my former employer ( Team) for receiving my salary qualified as extortion