How I was KeyCAPTCHAured: a Story of Scammed Ex-Employee

Muck and KeyCAPTCHA Go Together

His business, his website, his KeyCAPTCHA - what about users and employees?


“If u are not paying for it,
you’re not the customer;
you’re the product being sold”
~Andrew Lewis


I am a former “employee” of “company”, having worked for it since 11 Dec, 2010 till May, 2011.

I believe that users of external antispam service will be better informed if they know my story of relations with persons providing KeyCAPTCHA service


I quoted the terms “employee” and “company” because:

  • KeyCAPTCHA's Chastity Belt & Silencer

    KeyCAPTCHA's Chastity Belt & Silencer

    at the time of my “employment” (interview and later) KeyCAPTCHA Team presented themselves as the “Joint Stock ITNP, Ltd” (or JSc ITNP or in Russian as “ЗАО ИТНП” company in a fashionable and well equipped business office in the center of Novosibirsk (Lenina, 52-205), Russia,

  • Only after my dismissal in May, 2011,I understood that it was fake non-existent companyThe company promised to provide work contract, after passing 2-month probation. But the contract never came about, even though I regularly asked to formalize our working relations in any possible written way – as an employee or as a free-lancer
  • KeyCAPTCHA Killing Mosquito on Its Nose instead of Shooting itself in the Bare Foot

    My requests to pay 2-month salary debt and dismissal fees were initially rejected , then I was offered even more money than I could expect and on June 3, 2011, got caught by police red-handed with my “payment’ in hand for extortion (of my salary for my work?!) and now face up to 7-year incarceration.


When I was hired, I assumed the company was legitimate. However, I learned the company was fake when the police and my so-called “employer” said that I blackmailed a person that rented an office and there was no company ever whatsoever and it cannot be proved.

Though, what’s the difference – I was hired by a person, not by a “company.” I had verbal agreement and quite provable employment working relations.


In February-March, 2011, KeyCAPTCHA Team started to present themselves on website as US-based Mersane, Ltd. company (instead of previously used Russia-based JSc ITNP, Ltd title) while the plate with company name at the entry of the office was removed at all. Again, I was not informed about it and got to know it from website in a month (or two)

If I had known this company was fake soon after my employment, I would not have shared my knowledge and expertise with a company that engaged in deceptive practices such as constantly changing titles, locations (countries), ToS (Terms of Services), etc.

Plz Email/PM me if you have any questions. I could not write all details – that would have taken too much space and become unreadable.

This is not pleasant to burn my time on this dirt but it was not me who started all this and left me no other choice .

former KeyCAPTCHA Team member

I am after Employment by

I am after Employment by

KeyCAPTCHA is Hell 

KeyCAPTCHA is Hell

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