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How I Stole My Own KeyCAPTCHA Twitter Account

In its recent Tweet :

We have restored an access to our stolen twitter account @KeyCAPTCHA

as well as in other publications of KeyCAPTCHA.com Team, I am publicly called the thief who stole my own twitter account!

@KeyCAPTCHA twitter account has been created, used by me only from my private Gmail accounts by my own private initiative (having been always reprimanded for wasting time for this trash – Social Networking and communication) under its initially given by me  username: @Coulombusser on January 20, 2011.
Renamed to @KeyCAPTCHA on Jan 23, 2011 (having changed it before final username @KeyCAPTCHA dozen of usernames).

I am the only author and user (before hijacking of @KeyCAPTCHA from me) having access to its activation link (with code), all , again my private, Gmail boxes and thousands Email notifications (about following, DMs – direct messages, etc) from it.

And I even opened a few support tickets from it on problems of accessing my another private twitter account in February and March, 2011

KeyCAPTCHA.com Team stole access to my @KeyCAPTCHA twitter account on June 3, 2011. by fraud , i.e. by promising to pay me negated earlier salary debt + dismissal fees for which I was caught by police.

KeyCAPTCHA Team does not have access to history of its use, Gamail accounts used with it and activation code!

Well, there are a lot of accounts for everybody in this world. I am not greedy.
Even more, I decided that tweeting is a waste of time for me, especially after Google stopped real-time indexing of Tweets.
KeyCAPTCHA Team, continue wasting it yourself.

But if KeyCAPTCHA Team insists, I can insist in my requests to twitter support to return me my @ KeyCAPTCHA twitter account back as I am the only author and user who has all copies about its activation and history of its use

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  1. November 3, 2011 at 21:06

    I want to edit my post to make it better. How can I do it? How Can I edit /delete a post and then resubmit?

    • November 3, 2011 at 21:13

      Just submit new comments indicating which of the previous you want to see removed

  2. November 3, 2011 at 20:57

    There is no way to get your account back once it is stolen. What you have does not matter to zendesk. All they care about is the current email address of the account. Thief stoles the account, releases and registers it fresh in a second ant it is gone. Don’t expect zendesk to help you with stolen accounts. I am still trying to get mine back with no luck. I have presented many proofs, no one cares.
    Someone named Laura Lopez (the thief) (not sure if the name is real or fake) sold an account to me for 800 dollars, then stole it back. She even claims to have an insider that gets her the accounts she likes.
    She also has stolen another account from @ilaauu (Laurel). We both have proofs and submitted tickets with no help from support.

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