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Why Twitter Supports Criminals?

Many times I reported to twitter support (opened a few tickets) that a dozen of  KeyCAPTCHA.com Team’s tweets from stolen from me @KeyCAPTCHA twitter account are lies and some of them are simply crimes:

The tweet “This person stole our twitter account @KeyCAPTCHA. And he started to extort money from our company” is lie

The tweet “When he started his threats we reported to the police immediately. The police helped us to get our twitter account back”  is lie

  •  When did I steal my Twitter account and How could I possibly  extort money by stealing any Twitter account? 

The Tweet of “He is under recognizance not to leave now”  is crime.

  • I am not and was never in my life under any recognizance oreven  informed about opening criminal case against me until now (Updated on August 11, 2011). Although, By law, it should have been done in maximum 10 days

The Tweet “The police are investigating it (all his other illegal actions (extortion of money, his threats and publishing slander)) now” is crime.

  • Until the end of investigation, the publishing of such “conclusions” is the crime under Russian and international laws.

The Tweet “Stop your lie. Your way can just aggravate your situation. See you in court” is intimidating threat publication of which is legally qualified as crime.

  • etc.

Instead of returning stolen from me @KeyCAPTCHA twitter account or or suspending it for reported by me abuses, twitter support permanently suspended (i.e. deleted)  my own (another) private account from which I reported (opened tickets) or tried to reply to such abuses and lies!

Except that I do not understand why Twitter obviously supports criminal activities, I do not understand why I am, as the author of my tweets, rejected the right at least to make copies of my content before blccking me from it without any warnings and expanations

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