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KeyCAPTCHA.com Initiated Criminal Investigation against Itself

KeyCAPTCHA вызвала милицейских или полиционеров?

KeyCAPTCHA вызвала милицейских или полиционеров?

KeyCAPTCHA Team published a few posts insisting that I had never worked in KeyCAPTCHA Team.

I have copies of dozens of KeyCAPTCHA’s posts backuped from:

telling the opposite, all deleted later at the request of KeyCAPTCHA Team  which I can Email on request of anybody interested in.

The only posts by KeyCAPTCHA Team confirming that I was dismissed from company and still remained undeleted are in http://forum.antichat.ru :

in the latter explaining the reasons of my dismissal and insisting, again with its usual lies,  that I was full paid out (I was not).
Thanks to the administration  of antichat.ru that it did not follow other resources and did not remove these posts at  the later request of KeyCAPTCHA.com!

The essence of conflict is that KeyCAPTCHA.com Team considers that as soon as it avoided its promise to formalize the written working contract with me, I was not hired and I was not employee and there is no need to pay either salary (for the last 2 months) nor dismissal fees according to Russian Federation Labor (or Employment) Law.

According to Russian Federation Labor Legislation, I am employee under protection of this law as soon as I started to work under conditions and verbal agreements of employment like, in my case:

  • I passed agreed 2-month probation period (Dec, 2010 – Jan, 2011),
  • routinely worked in office fulfilling employer’s instructions

which qualify me as employee and my working relations as employment under protection of Employment Law.

There are dozens of witnesses of my employment and thousands proves.

KeyCAPTCHA.com filed the LawSuit qualifying my inquiries about my salary and dismissal fees payout as extortion. initiating criminal investigation against me wanting to incarcerate me (for my inquiries  of payout of my work) up to 7 years. Cf.. for example, KeyCAPTCHA.com’s:

There Should Be A Special Prison For Stupid Staff from KeyCAPTCHA.com

By this, i.e. initiating police investigation, keycaptcha.com has put itself on its own initiative  under criminal investigation of its illegal business (economic) activities.

I am looking forward for the court being sure in victory of justice, common sense and law!

former employee of KeyCAPTCHA.com company

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