KeyCAPTCHA, I’m a Liar – Pants on Fire – Was I Good or Bad?

I am 48, Cybernetics Engineer, the last 14 years worked as IT commercial coder. Well, I always coded but before IT it was R&D – science and applied maths, AI, numerical and analytical calculations,  that stuff.

I should confess that  I have never blogged or tweeted before the beginning of this year2011. InDecember, 2011, I was “employed” by Joint Stock ITNP (,) “company”,  I still do not know how to title it,  as Software Developer in Test and Supporter. The latter was supposed to be minor duty since there was very little amount of users as well as problems.

Since  I was initially quite excited by the technical and “business” perspectives. оn my own initiative and against the employer’s opinion that it was a wate of time, I created twitter account KeyCAPTCHA and started to tweet. The results were astonishing – in a week, the rate of visitors of web site increased thrice!

Later, after I was fired,  my employer ( started to insist that:

Why were such ridiculous claims that someone can distort 10,000 USD by stealing someone’s twitter account?

Look at statistics of daily visitor rates (the figure temporarily removed, I’ll send privately it on request):

  • January 23, 2011 – I renamed my private(personal)  twitter account into @KeyCAPTCHA (KeyCAPTCHA Team) and started to promote through KeyCAPTCHA plugins to KeyCAPTCHA service; 
  • 05/03/2011 – I was dismissed
  • 05/06/2011 – the visiting of started to drop, since my former employer (“company” had shot itself in its foot by contesting the ownership of KeyCAPTCHA twitter account which was thereafter suspended!

BTW, the increase stopped because I had been categorically prohibited to post anything except official news duplicating them from company’s “What’s new” section of website. I also was prohibited to blog about KeyCAPTCHA.

One of the main and the only proof of that I am a liar and crook was that I blogged (posted articles) under multiple accounts in :

  “He has (had) a few accounts on but the owner of these accounts is the same person.

We want to thank the moderators of They have blocked all his accounts.

Here are his banned accounts:

Best regards,

This, posting from multiple accounts or commenting blogs under multiple nicknames, was what I was taught and instructed to do for promoting discussions on KeyCAPTCHA while I was working in KeyCAPTCHA Team .
It is what all members of KeyCAPTCHA Team regularly did before my coming to  and continue doing after my leaving it.

For example,  this blog article “Плагин KeyCAPTCHA” has a few comments on July 5, 2011, under multiple nicknames (KeyCAPTCHA and Bob) by the same person of KeyCAPTCHA Team presenting itself both as KeyCAPTCHA Team member (under KeyCAPTCHA nickname)  and as a “passer-by” fan of KeyCAPTCHA reading all my publications (under Bob nickname). Let me remind that I was fire in May, 2011

It is now common practice when companies and state governments order and pay for marketing campaigns, so called astroturfing, use “sock puppets” (multiple false online personalities) in social media and even use the software for its automatization .

Another common practice is that most social media accounts openly advertise and promote its parallel accounts from the same person. For example, in Twitter:

While I can understand why accounts being banned and blogs deleted by, I cannot agree that blogs are being deleted without any previous warning and giving the chance to comply with rules because the’s rules  shown during registration do not tell anything about prohibiting multiple accounts for blogging.

Is it also common practice that webresources do not have any rules or intentionally have rules that impossible to comprehend and/or follow?  promoting the situation that nobody cares to read or comply with them ?

So, is posting from multiple accounts a fraud or common de-facto practice on the internet?
Or, is it both?

Is it contagious?

Should I stop lying or perfect me in this?
What do you think?

former non-employee

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