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Dismissal in “Good Will” a-la-KeyCAPTCHA

“Let’s part in good will” a la-KeyCAPTCHA, it is when you offered 11,500 rubles of dismissal payment having 43,000 rubles of unpaid salary (if to forget about few times bigger severance pack) and when you refuse such a generous offer, you are repeatedly threatened by criminal cases for theft in keycaptcha.com office, physical violence, etc.

Then, KeyCAPTCHA.com “company” offers you even more, than one can expect, to compensate your unfair  treatment  and you get caught red-handed by police called by your “employer” during receiving this payout money. It also happens that the KeyCAPTCHA.com “company” which hired you, has never legally existed (except on keycaptcha.com website) and you extorted money (but really rejected them few times) from persons that rented a business offce for keycaptcha.com activities on the internet.

So, instead of employment,  payments of your work or seeking new employment after dismissal,  you are forced to study criminal laws and prepare for criminal litigation with your former “employer”.

But what was the point?
I am  trapped and have no ethical, moral or psychic restrictions to protect me against unfair accusations  and forced to go until the end and by all means

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