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KeyCAPTCHA “Genius” Demagoguery – Antispam Spamming Platform: Why to Buy a Spambot, Buy the Spam-thru-CAPTCHAs Share

Webmasters has no right to reject the advertising served through KeyCAPTCHA

"Вышел ёжик из тумана, Вынул..." - Webmasters has no right to reject the advertising served through KeyCAPTCHA

Why to buy a  spambot, if one can buy the right to spam through the network of  “anti-spam”  “highly interactive” captchas?

Anti-spam CAPTCHAs as advertising platform are not new.
The new KeyCAPTCHA.com’s “innovation” is that:

  • webmasters having installed anti-spam KeyCAPTCHA do not have any control of what is being served served, or spammed through such anti-antispam external KeyCAPTCHA service (including to opt for free non-ads captchas), except its uninstall
  •  initially it is promoted through non-ads KeyCAPTCHs with following change to obligatory spam without any notice

Let me cite (in my translation) the dialogue between KeyCAPTCHA Team and the webmaster/sysadmin of  http://ipbskins.ru Fisana in her blog article:

The original article proposed a discovered hack how to continue serving KeyCAPTCHA without spam (ads puzlle + link) and stated about complaints of users and decreased rate of registrations on forum due to unwarranted ads served through KeyCAPTCHA.

The followed in comments dialogue,  briefed by me  + I added links:

    Hacking of our KeyCAPTCHA service will be punished by ban according to KeyCAPTCHA Terms of Service and Use Agreement
  • Fisana:
    I was horrified to find out that KeyCAPTCHA plugin setting on keycaptcha.com website does not have an option of non-advertising captchas
    According to “Publishers” section you can create advertising campaign with your own captchas
  • Fisana:
    I do not need advertising campaigns and do not have the time to add my captchas ,  I just  want to continue being served with non-ads pictures.
  • KeyCAPTCHA (my favorite one):
    Our service is absolutely gratuitous, if you do not want ads, you can either buy out its abscence or use other alternative solutions (i.e. having uninstalled KeyCAPTCHA plug-in)
    Besides webmasters’ earning on it, it provides 100% protection from spam-bots
  • Fisana:
    This is you right.
    But, before serving ads, you should have warned your users.
    When I started to use your service, there was no advertising either in captchas being served or in your ToS!
    There was a free unconstrained service + fee-based additional unasked options
    I did not subscribe  ads can be served to my website without my permission or even warning!
    We warned by Emails only those webmasters whose webresource themes were interesting to our advertisers. No one of warned webmasters stopped using KeyCAPTCHA service but only thanked us
    The rules at the moment of your registration told:

“KeyCAPTCHA may at any time revise these Terms of Service by updating this posting. By using KeyCAPTCHA, you agree to be bound by any such revisions and should therefore periodically visit this page to determine the then-current Terms of Service to which you are bound”

Such, or very similar item, is present in most of on-line srvices

  •    Fisana:
    Serving the advertising requies obligatory consent by webmaster
    KeyCAPTCHA’s Initial ToS (Terms of Service)  did not mention any advertising at all. Adding ads and ads links is the change of  service [my comment: what a naivity, see (*)]
    And where is the guarantees that next changing of ToS will not bring to my website something illegal (porno, etc.)?
    Our KeyCAPTCHA always had logo with links to keycaptcha.com website. It was also ads… What’s the difference?
  • Fisana:
    Visitors do not like ads pictures/puzzles in captcha. Hadn’t they complained, I’d not have noticed it at all
    Item 1.17 of our rules is
    “1.17 The User shall not evade, modify, crack or interrupt into the operating mechanisms of the Service and of the Site.
    Any breach of the Agreement’s Terms results in the suspension of User’s account and access blocking to the Service and the Site.”
    We reccommend WP-NOTCAPTCHA
    YouTube service is inserting advertising into its video stream.

The comments were truncated by me. You can read them in full using online translator

I was dismissed under invented pretexts because I expressed on many occasions my disagreement with business model based on changing the rules, agreements, ToS which is, in my opinion, is cheating and fraud.

And you, what do you think about?

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