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Why Is KeyCAPTCHA the Lose-Lose for a Webmaster/Publisher

“The first and worst of all frauds is to cheat one’s self”
Pearl Bailey

So, KeyCAPTCHA.com announced commercialization of its anti-spam service enticing webmasters by paying for letting unavoidable unwarranted to end-users  advertising pass through anti-spam CAPTCHAs.

Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil

Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil

What’s wrong with it for webmasters (owners of web resources)?

Webmaters And Advertisers Earnings Depend on End-User but Not Vice Versa or How the Formers Share End-User’s Money

The earning of webmaster depend on on website popularity, eventually on its  user-friendliness, convenience, respect of user’s rights, etc.

End-users (visitors of websites) hate CAPTCHAs, even more they hate advertising

Leaving no choice but to inevitably interact with advertising will not make most users content

Eventually,  it is end-users whose money  is shared , advertisers and webmasters are just intermediaries.

Intrusive Unavoidable Advertising is Crime

 Sharing the earnings with webmasters or established practice of unwarranted advertising doesn’t make the latter legitimate

Laws on advertising and on-line services providing of any countries stipulate that advertising cannot be intrusive – the user should explicitly agree on advertising and have options to reject, or, at least, ignore it. Publishers (in this case webmasters) are risking to be prosecuted

Is it Really So Lucrative in Practice?

Advertisers do not pay for any interaction with advertising  but only by specific users with specific profiles (interests) from specific geo-locations, etc.

KeyCAPTCHA does not have (a lot of) advertisers and here are some feedbacl of disfrunted webmasters from campaigns of advertising-capthchas with existing pool of advertisers:

What’s the Point in Outsourcing and Centralizing Your Security?

KeyCAPTCHA Blocks Humans

  • In Soveit Russia, CAPTCHAs Block Humans from its own Spam Activity

    You are outsourcing your decisions on whom to interact with your website and who is spammer.

    For example, I am not bot but I am blockedby IP-address  from any webresource access or functionality requiring KeyCAPTCHA because KeyCAPTCHA.com Team decided that I am a spammer!
    How do you know who else they do not or will not like?

  • Centralized Services are More Frequent Victims of DDOS Attacks
While working in keycaptcha.com, I had asked:
“Why do I make from  me a fool by promoting   KeyCAPTCHA http://hidemail.at while the keycatcha.com website publishes its Email support@keycaptcha.com without ?”
and the answer was that it is externl service which can be down or blocked by a DDOS attack.Note it should not be down completely, it is enough if a DDOS attackcomes from your region for a datacenter used by KeyCAPTCHA service  to geo-filter packets from your direction and KeyCAPTCHA appear down for you.
  • Centralized Service is More Attractive for Hackers than a Single SiteIt is centralized external service, if it is hacked (also quite common situation nowadays), it is not just one protected websites but thousands.
    And this is quite appealing for hackers nowadays
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