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My Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tools

My Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tools.

Update: So, I did “Press This” 2nd time though had sweared here to abstain from it 

It takes twenty years to
become an overnight success
~Cantor, Eddie

That’s it!
During first 2 days after republishing, this “re-article” had 0 (zero) votes and overnight it got 17 downvotes, so I decided to comment why it is here.

This article was initially just one link, as I left on the 1st line,  produced by clicking in Gloria Rand’s article “My Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tools” the WordPress.com’s blog button “Press This”.

It was my 1st and, I believe, the last experience with “Press This” if this functionality changes or I master to change it.

I did not like the fact that article appeared republished w/o giving credits to original author or its ID (whatever it is link, username, blog, webpage or avatar). It appears as mine in search results,  has my own link https://keycaptchaured.wordpress.com/2011/08/25/my-top-5-free-keyword-research-tools, etc., etc.

This is the same problem as re-tweeting in twitter when a copyist (especially news bot aggregators, concentrators, etc.) receive credits becoming top twitterer, an author of a tweet on paper.li, being mentioned as an author “via”, etc., etc.

I still keep it because I need it as an illustrating example for more general article(s), I am writing now, on republishing and authors’ rights on the internet and some questions/suggestions to WP.com forums and support

And I hope the author, Gloria Rand, permitted me to keep it if I add more quotes 🙂

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