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New Trends in Spamming: Spam Fused into Antispam Protection with Spamming Visitors Instead of Web Sites

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KeyCAPTCHA.com Brain Thimbles Scammers at Work

KeyCAPTCHA Thimbles: Set KeyCAPTCHA.com Spammers to Catch a Spam KeyCAPTCHA Thimbles: Set a Spammer to Catch a Spam. KeyCAPTCHA is created by professional spammers and load spam directly to browsers what webmaster unable to see or control

“There are only 2 ways of telling the complete truth –

anonymously and posthumously”
~Thomas Sowell


“Find out what the meaning of life is,
and see if we can monetize it”
@bizcartoons (Ted Goff)


Spamming web sites with links to fool search engines was always doomed game because it irritated both owners of web resources and visitors.

Also, even appearing of website in top of  SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) did not mean having marketing success

So, the recent trend is to deliver unwarranted advertising, aka spam, directly to visitors without leaving spam on web resources (sites, blogs, etc.) as well as to bribe (sorry, share profits with) owners of web resources.

Trojan KeyCAPTCHA Full of Matreshkas

Trojan KeyCAPTCHA Full of Matreshkas

Looks like spamming through antispam solutions became more lucrative than previous spamming schemes.

The author exIV of an article

.confesses in comments to this articles that:

  • he is professional spammer and blackhat specialist
    (“А спамер я был по-совмеместительству, я занимался черным СЕО…и было время когда на клик-клике да рупоиске по 500$ в день капало 🙂 “
  • and now  the owner of  KeyCAPTCHA
    (“ну то есть конечно я владелец кейкапчи”)
  • always approached the spamming and spambot development with imagination considering it to be an art and his botted comments were contextual and undetectable by antispam filters
    “Я подходил к этому делу как к искусству и мои комменты были зачастую «прямо в тему»… Хоть делал их робот…”
KeyCAPTCHA's JigSaw Puzzle  "Lie to Me"

KeyCAPTCHA's JigSaw Puzzle "Lie to Me"

. So, now he developed a new miraculous technique of unavoidable spamming through antispam protection KeyCAPTCHA.

Though, what’s the difference?

Earlier his  bots entertained end-user with meaningful spam comments and now with meaningful entertaining spam (puzzle) pictures, leaving  happy not only advertisers but now also owners of web resources.


Though, one profound problem remains with this antispam spam scam.

Trojan KeyCAPTCHA Saving Money Pig


Spam or not spam is not determined by happiness of advertisers and advertising intermediaries, even when they are happy with spam owners of web resources,  but by explicit consent of end-users, or visitors of web-resources.

  1. December 10, 2011 at 22:57

    Зачем распространять спам от имени этого блога?????

    • December 11, 2011 at 00:46

      Не понял:
      какой спам?
      от имени какого блога?
      где распространять?
      Если имеются в виду комментарии в моём блоге,
      то это спам арт.
      Я его не распространяю никому, а только коллекционирую и исследую его тенденции
      Оставляю около 1%
      Люди трудились. Мне не жалко, должны быть радости в жизни.
      Есть очень популярный плагин CommentLuv, позволяющий каждому оставить помимо основной индексируемой ссылки, ещё и ссылку на выбор на совершенно не связанную с обсуждением статью.
      Вот Вам туда надо порядок навести

  1. October 11, 2011 at 01:33
  2. October 1, 2011 at 03:45

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