My former  employer KeyCAPTCHA.com had called police to catch me red-handed for receiving my salary for last 2 months and dismissal fees qualified as distortion

KeyCAPTCHA.com is professional spammers and scammers using support of police

This blog is forced necessity in order to protect me from public (internet, court) slanders, harassment, criminal lawsuits and incarceration by my former “employer” KeyCAPTCHA.com (Novosibirsk, Russia, now presenting itself as US-based Mersane, Ltd.)

KeyCAPTCHA is Free Service Paying for Ads Serving

KeyCAPTCHA is Free Service Paying for Ads Serving

One of the KeyCAPTCHA’s scam scheme is to initially achieve viral publicity of its “anti-spam” KeyCAPTCHA external service as completely free until being enough popular as to be self-promoted (written-advised by bloggers and webmasters). Then, start to feed through it the spam (unwarranted advertising puzzle pictures  +  ads links), continuing to get new unsuspected users through created publicity using the fact that rarely someone reads ToS especially after being advised by friends or respected web resources (like CMS web sites having KeyCAPTCHA plugin contributions)

KeyCAPTCHA web site (ToS) insists that its service is free .. to earn money being paid for serving advertising but there is still nothing telling about free service without ads.
If you do not currently see spam through KeyCAPTCHA, it is because KeyCAPTCHA.com doesn’t YET have advertisers interested in your region and they are being geo-targeted.  In my Novosibirsk, KeyCAPTCHA comes with advertising (well, it can be temporarily stopped to call me a liar).

How can you trust the advertising served by the fraudulent self-advertiser basing all its business on continuous cheating?
KeyCAPTCHA.com web site proposes to advertisers 15,000 “protected” sites (without asking/informing their owners permissions) having in reality less than 550?
Contact me to show you how to check it

Gennady (Novosibirsk, Russia)
ex-employee of KeyCAPTCHA.com (Novosibirsk, Russia),
under criminal charges of salary extortion  by KeyCAPTCHA.com + new one for slandering

Email: antikeycaptcha@gmail.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/WebMAOhist 

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