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Protected: Lies, Big Lies and Statistics of KeyCAPTCHA Service Part 1 On the Amount of Protected Sites

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If Interested in a Free Service, then Don’t Promote it?

August 16, 2011 2 comments


Half the work that is done in this world
is to make things appear what they are not
~Beadle, E. R.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic
~Arthur C. Clarke’s 3d Law of Prediction)

But magic can sometimes just be an illusion

Belief in the absence of illusions is itself an illusion
~Barbara Harrison

A hallucination is a fact, not an error;
what is erroneous is a judgment based upon it
~Bertrand Russell   


       So, after a storm of angry publications by unhappy webmasters and uninstalls of KeyCAPTCHA plugings, on August 14, 2011, “announced” (by posting a few replies, for example here and there) that the free of charge option of its  service was restored from August 8, 2011 (probably because the last post of KeyCAPTCHA defending its removal was from August 7, 2011, see the same links upward). Novosibirsk time (GMT +6:00)  everywhere in this article.

The most funny thing was that there were no changes in ToS or any descriptions on webite whatsoever! But wait, there’s more

How to Lie without being Caught-22 (Lessons Learned from Communicating with

August 16, 2011 Leave a comment

Wisdom says that a liar should have a good memory. Not true on the internet,  it is enough to manage to change or remove your previous publications.

I and others caught, my former employer, to publicly lie hundreds times and you will not find any such publications.

From my observations, the posts on the forums based on WCMSs  (Web Content Management System)  like

usually let to change posts later, even after replies, whenever an author  likes.

While on

  • WordPress
  • Joomla (after being replied?)
  • IPB (aka IP.Board, InvsionPower Board) Services, how one should tag it in Social Media, I wonder?

do not (but only in a few minutes time immediately after posting) .

CSS Tutorials
What’s the point of permitting life-time changing (or deleting) what some has written, even after having dozens replies, I wonder?

One can check the forum’s CMS at the bottom of a web page and double-check it at webpage souce finding a string “generator”. Here is an example of HTML element from WordPress forum HTML-element:

  • <meta name=”generator” content=”WordPress 3.2″ />

What about comments in blogs and posts that cannot be edited/deleted?

That’s also simple. KeyCAPTCHA Team has done it many times. It is enough post personal  attacks on a participant the more and uglier the “better” until any sense is lost, then ask moderators, administrators/owner of the blog to delete the whole topic or branch for a flame and/or off-topic.

100% results of topic ensured to delete a thread, branch or a whole topic!

If the results are not immediate,  just return and do it again and again.

08/19/2011 Update: 

In Soviet Russia, spam activity of spam-captchas block human's access (We have detected spam activity, your actions are blocked)

Hilarious confirmation of this shit-technique employed by KeyCAPTCHA itself.
Read all thread!

“We have detected spam activity, your actions are blocked”

In Soviet Russia, spam activity of spam-captchas block human’s  access 

Another technique is to block writers (blog commenters) through its KeyCAPTCHA by IP-address.

This is very clever to self-advertise you, only fans of KeyCAPTCHA and advertising will be able to use internet soon.

KeyCAPTCHA, I’m a Liar – Pants on Fire – Was I Good or Bad?

July 23, 2011 Leave a comment

I am 48, Cybernetics Engineer, the last 14 years worked as IT commercial coder. Well, I always coded but before IT it was R&D – science and applied maths, AI, numerical and analytical calculations,  that stuff.

I should confess that  I have never blogged or tweeted before the beginning of this year2011. InDecember, 2011, I was “employed” by Joint Stock ITNP (,) “company”,  I still do not know how to title it,  as Software Developer in Test and Supporter. The latter was supposed to be minor duty since there was very little amount of users as well as problems.

Since  I was initially quite excited by the technical and “business” perspectives. оn my own initiative and against the employer’s opinion that it was a wate of time, I created twitter account KeyCAPTCHA and started to tweet. The results were astonishing – in a week, the rate of visitors of web site increased thrice!

Later, after I was fired,  my employer ( started to insist that:

Why were such ridiculous claims that someone can distort 10,000 USD by stealing someone’s twitter account?

Look at statistics of daily visitor rates (the figure temporarily removed, I’ll send privately it on request):

  • January 23, 2011 – I renamed my private(personal)  twitter account into @KeyCAPTCHA (KeyCAPTCHA Team) and started to promote through KeyCAPTCHA plugins to KeyCAPTCHA service; 
  • 05/03/2011 – I was dismissed
  • 05/06/2011 – the visiting of started to drop, since my former employer (“company” had shot itself in its foot by contesting the ownership of KeyCAPTCHA twitter account which was thereafter suspended!

BTW, the increase stopped because I had been categorically prohibited to post anything except official news duplicating them from company’s “What’s new” section of website. I also was prohibited to blog about KeyCAPTCHA.

One of the main and the only proof of that I am a liar and crook was that I blogged (posted articles) under multiple accounts in :

  “He has (had) a few accounts on but the owner of these accounts is the same person.

We want to thank the moderators of They have blocked all his accounts.

Here are his banned accounts:

Best regards,

This, posting from multiple accounts or commenting blogs under multiple nicknames, was what I was taught and instructed to do for promoting discussions on KeyCAPTCHA while I was working in KeyCAPTCHA Team .
It is what all members of KeyCAPTCHA Team regularly did before my coming to  and continue doing after my leaving it.

For example,  this blog article “Плагин KeyCAPTCHA” has a few comments on July 5, 2011, under multiple nicknames (KeyCAPTCHA and Bob) by the same person of KeyCAPTCHA Team presenting itself both as KeyCAPTCHA Team member (under KeyCAPTCHA nickname)  and as a “passer-by” fan of KeyCAPTCHA reading all my publications (under Bob nickname). Let me remind that I was fire in May, 2011

It is now common practice when companies and state governments order and pay for marketing campaigns, so called astroturfing, use “sock puppets” (multiple false online personalities) in social media and even use the software for its automatization .

Another common practice is that most social media accounts openly advertise and promote its parallel accounts from the same person. For example, in Twitter:

While I can understand why accounts being banned and blogs deleted by, I cannot agree that blogs are being deleted without any previous warning and giving the chance to comply with rules because the’s rules  shown during registration do not tell anything about prohibiting multiple accounts for blogging.

Is it also common practice that webresources do not have any rules or intentionally have rules that impossible to comprehend and/or follow?  promoting the situation that nobody cares to read or comply with them ?

So, is posting from multiple accounts a fraud or common de-facto practice on the internet?
Or, is it both?

Is it contagious?

Should I stop lying or perfect me in this?
What do you think?

former non-employee

What Is the “first” in KeyCAPTCHA and Why to Have it Externally, i.e. Out of Control?

July 23, 2011 Leave a comment
While working in, I tried, always in vain (i.e. fruitlessly),  to convince  changing its main (as first phrase or the title)  (anti)marketing phrase in many’s marketing articles, including in website “What is KeyCAPTCHA” description:

KeyCAPTCHA is the first free service providing a powerful anti-spam website protection through a new generation interactive CAPTCHA.

to be less self-debunking and more clear.


Warning This Has No Brain Use Your Own! Credit to

ALERT: This KeyCAPTCHA Has No Brain (Starts-Stops Automatically) Use Your Own! Credit to

The word “interactive” is really synonym to “intrusive for a visitor”, in contrast to non-intrusive anti-spam solutions like filtering, honey-traps (honey-pots), etc. Except its anti-marketing (i.e. negative) nature, it does not convey any information since in reality KeyCAPTCHA should have been  more specifically described as “DRAG’N’DROP” and/or “not requiring text typing” (non-Texting?)  instead of vague and generic “interactive”. All visible (presented) to a visitor CAPTCHAs are really interactive in that they require user’s interactions like typing, drag’n’drop-ping, clicking, etc.

The word “free” means in reality, for external service, like, “un-paid by a user”. external service internals are not free for scrutiny (or reuse) like open sourced products

All known to me anti-spam services are either free of charge or provide free of charge options/versions in parallel to fee-based service.   The latter is in no way different from service having both fee-based and free of charge options of its service.

Since it is ridiculous to tout an anti-spam service  as “first free” , let me guess, that it is a simple way to assure that users of KeyCAPTCHA did not read about and do not care what they have installed

The idea of non-texting captcha was researched before KeyCAPTCHA (introduced in 2010)  a lot, for example:

There are dozens open-source projects offering CAPTCHs based on idea of choosing/clicking an image, for example:

as well as DRAG’N’DROP CAPTCHAs, for example:

that, IMO, avoid the main point of vulnerability existing in KeyCAPTCHA – that it is external centralized proprietary service out of control of webresource owner who installs it.

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Why Twitter Supports Criminals?

July 16, 2011 Leave a comment

Many times I reported to twitter support (opened a few tickets) that a dozen of Team’s tweets from stolen from me @KeyCAPTCHA twitter account are lies and some of them are simply crimes:

The tweet “This person stole our twitter account @KeyCAPTCHA. And he started to extort money from our company” is lie

The tweet “When he started his threats we reported to the police immediately. The police helped us to get our twitter account back”  is lie

  •  When did I steal my Twitter account and How could I possibly  extort money by stealing any Twitter account? 

The Tweet of “He is under recognizance not to leave now”  is crime.

  • I am not and was never in my life under any recognizance oreven  informed about opening criminal case against me until now (Updated on August 11, 2011). Although, By law, it should have been done in maximum 10 days

The Tweet “The police are investigating it (all his other illegal actions (extortion of money, his threats and publishing slander)) now” is crime.

  • Until the end of investigation, the publishing of such “conclusions” is the crime under Russian and international laws.

The Tweet “Stop your lie. Your way can just aggravate your situation. See you in court” is intimidating threat publication of which is legally qualified as crime.

  • etc.

Instead of returning stolen from me @KeyCAPTCHA twitter account or or suspending it for reported by me abuses, twitter support permanently suspended (i.e. deleted)  my own (another) private account from which I reported (opened tickets) or tried to reply to such abuses and lies!

Except that I do not understand why Twitter obviously supports criminal activities, I do not understand why I am, as the author of my tweets, rejected the right at least to make copies of my content before blccking me from it without any warnings and expanations

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How I Stole My Own KeyCAPTCHA Twitter Account

July 16, 2011 3 comments

In its recent Tweet :

We have restored an access to our stolen twitter account @KeyCAPTCHA

as well as in other publications of Team, I am publicly called the thief who stole my own twitter account!

@KeyCAPTCHA twitter account has been created, used by me only from my private Gmail accounts by my own private initiative (having been always reprimanded for wasting time for this trash – Social Networking and communication) under its initially given by me  username: @Coulombusser on January 20, 2011.
Renamed to @KeyCAPTCHA on Jan 23, 2011 (having changed it before final username @KeyCAPTCHA dozen of usernames).

I am the only author and user (before hijacking of @KeyCAPTCHA from me) having access to its activation link (with code), all , again my private, Gmail boxes and thousands Email notifications (about following, DMs – direct messages, etc) from it.

And I even opened a few support tickets from it on problems of accessing my another private twitter account in February and March, 2011 Team stole access to my @KeyCAPTCHA twitter account on June 3, 2011. by fraud , i.e. by promising to pay me negated earlier salary debt + dismissal fees for which I was caught by police.

KeyCAPTCHA Team does not have access to history of its use, Gamail accounts used with it and activation code!

Well, there are a lot of accounts for everybody in this world. I am not greedy.
Even more, I decided that tweeting is a waste of time for me, especially after Google stopped real-time indexing of Tweets.
KeyCAPTCHA Team, continue wasting it yourself.

But if KeyCAPTCHA Team insists, I can insist in my requests to twitter support to return me my @ KeyCAPTCHA twitter account back as I am the only author and user who has all copies about its activation and history of its use

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