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Antispam “KeyCAPTCHA is Under Attack” Forum Spam as an Example of “Best PR is Black PR” Technique

September 23, 2011 3 comments

KeyCAPTCHA Profiteers Protect Us from Amateur Spammers (Credit to

KeyCAPTCHA Professional Profiteering Spammers Protect Us from Amateur Spammers (Credit to


.“Life is not about waiting
for the storm to pass,
it’s about learning
to dance in the rain”
~Unknown Author
(sometimes attributed to
Viviane Greene)



. antispam service created viral publicity of its service as absolutely free, having involved in this campaign many others unaware.

KeyCAPTCHA Under Money Rain Attack (Credit to

KeyCAPTCHA Under Money Rain Attack (Credit to creators being professional spammers and blackhat profiteers routinely use  Email and forum spam (See also: “Antispam Spam“) , spinning software,  content farms to fill internet with spam promoting its antispam KeyCAPTCHA service.

One of the latest examples devoted to slandering me personally was botted by hundreds identical texts over the internet

what technically and legally constitutes as forum spam

Here are my answers to it:


“The person spreading a slander and a lie regarding the KeyCAPTCHA Service uses different nicknames on different web resources” [1-2]

My answer:

I have to use multiple accounts since they were deleted by the requests of without any check of facts.

By the way, most was created due to instructions of ex-employer, before the date of my dismissal (May, 2011) and if it insists, I can expose them publicly.

Please read my “KeyCAPTCHA, I’m a Liar – Pants on Fire – Was I Good or Bad?”


I do not post in the same site under different nicknames and accounts as it is routinely being done by continuing to spam forums under multiple nicknames (usernames, accounts) in the same topic.
For example, KeyCAPTCHA account and its clones (babnicks, Drew_007) were banned in for aggressive spamming, off-topic, flame (personal insulting of its concurrent business in Russia)  in the same topic!

I do publish only part of truth which is is easily available for check in public access on the internet!

“You can find it out by googling “KeyCAPTCHA is under attack” (quoted)” [1-2]

My answer:
Well, you can’t find all because exact copies of the same text are blacklisted by search engines but I give the partial (that I could find) list of references (URLs) below [1].
his person extorted money from our employee. And he had been caught by the police when he was taking the money” [1-2]

My answer:
I could not extort money from KeyCAPTCHA’s employee because I was informed by this “employer”, already  after my dismissal  that company that hired me (I am in Russia), was not registered legal company having changed its previous alleged locations (now it is US-based Mersane) and legally could not have employees

Also read:

“This person alleges that he had been our employee. But it is the lie.

We are not going to conceal that he assisted us in supporting our twitter account.
But after the numerous reprimands regarding the quality of his messages on our twitter, we had fulfilled all our obligations to this person and renounced his assistance” [1-2]

My answer:

This is already 7th variant of my story by I am reading about me.
The 1st one was that I had never worked in,
stole @KeyCAPTCHA twitter account with the help of which I  extorted money
(Isn’t it reidiculous that someone can extort thousands UDSs by stealing a twitter account?)
Read my post:  “How I Stole My Own KeyCAPTCHA Twitter Account”

I was employed as Software Developer in Test.

Getting job for supporting a twitter account with my qualifications and experience is ridiculous

Read also: “Who Stole @KeyCAPTCHA Twitter Account?”
“But he has never been an employee of our company.

We just had a verbal agreement with this person” [1-2]

My answer:
By Russian Labor Legislature and Employment Laws, the  employment is being determined by the fact of working employer-employee relationships (working in office, fulfilling working instructions under daily timetable, etc.) but not by writing and signing agreements.
This is quite similar in EU labor legislature.

I was promised the formalization of written contract after 2-month probation which I successfully passed as well as I have thousands proves and witnesses of my work as employer. "The Twitter support team had blocked his 3 accounts of his slander and lie 
on the KeyCAPTCHA Service right after our request and his 2 accounts 
without our requests support team has blocked his 2 accounts of the same lie" [1-2]

My answer:
And I believed that KeyCAPTCHA’s efficiency was, at least 80% while it is  just 1-2/7=71%

I shall publish the list of banned for spamming KeyCAPTCHA accounts soon

Also, read my article: “Why Twitter Supports Criminals?”

“We are not going to reply to his future messages on this website. It is not our goal.

We just wanted to publish the facts regarding this person” [1-2]

My answer:
KeyCAPTCHA’s spambot has a bug.
It swears everywhere multiple times in the same threads that it is its last reply .

For example, there are the same promise in the same threads with continued self-talking thereafter:

“Our service and company are absolutely legal.

Here are the variants of using KeyCAPTCHA:” [1-2]

My answer:

The facts are that continues to use intentionally deceptive, misleading, false and fraudulent marketing and advertising I published before  and none of them has ever been addressed (if to ignore the attacks on my Multiple Nym Disorder Syndrome induced by my experience from working in and protecting from


.Cited above:

[1] Some of the links to “KeyCAPTCHA under attack” publications (posts, comments, etc.):

[1a] In English only

  • etc.

[1b] Ibid in English + in Russian (before the same in English)

Ibid, In Russian:

Ibid, deleted by webmasters as spam:

Dear Visitors,

The person spreading a slander and a lie regarding the KeyCAPTCHA Service uses different nicknames on different web resources.
He thinks up his new slander and lie from time to time.

You can find it out by googling “KeyCAPTCHA is under attack” (quoted).

======= Ooops, cut in order to avoid creating large chunk of duplicated content


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KeyCAPTCHA Scam – How to Make Spam Unavoidable

September 9, 2011 Leave a comment
First Free (KeyCAPTCHA Plugin Description)

First Free (KeyCAPTCHA Plugin Description)

It is like in any scam scheme: first, a victim is enticed by an irresistible offer of absolutely free of charge novel (“first”, “innovative”, “sexy”. “unique”, etc.) miracle or easy way to earn money (including interesting job offer like it was for me by Then you are trapped by a  sneaky change in conditions of bargain (employment)… Accordingly, first, filled the internet with ads of its first absolutely free of charge (“unique”, “novel”, “innovative”, “unbreakable”) anti-spam miracle. It was not only without any advertising but even buyers of commercial fee-based KeyCAPTCHA service were initially prohibited to create CAPTCHAs with any advertising. Then, in the beginning of August, 2011, after bloggers started to write about  and webmasters with sysadmins to advise each other this miracle en masse, changed its ToS convering KeyCAPTCHA from antispam captcha into spam platform.

KeyCAPTCHA Plugin Contribution description in

KeyCAPTCHA Plugin Contribution description in

That is, a webmaster that installed it, cannot avoid spam served through installed KeyCAPTCHA plug-in from’s servers, except “agreeing” to buy “Personalized CAPTCHA” service or uninstalling KeyCAPTCHA plugin.Well, the end-user (a visitor) of a protected web resource, cannot just close your eyes and skip it like with any other spam. KeyCAPTCHA usually blocks access to webresource, like registering for forum, commenting blog article, posting, downloading a file, resetting a forgotten password, etc.

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  • August 9, 2011 -Created and published
  • Sept 15, 2011 – Changed the published date to Sept 09, 2011 in order to cjange the order of posts presentations Insists That I’ve NEVER Worked in KeyCAPTCHA Team Having Published Before That I Had

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The higher the KeyCAPTCHA goes, the more it shows his tail

The higher the KeyCAPTCHA goes, the more it shows his tail

Initially. Team published in internet dozens of slandering and blackening me forum posts, blog comments, that while working in I was caught for extortion of money, which KeyCAPTCHA Team managed to push removal of all from internet. See how and in my previous article


For example,  in this discussion  in, KeyCAPTCHA Team insists that I have never ever worked in

  • “1. Nedodurok, Вы НИКОГДА НЕ РАБОТАЛИ в нашей организации.
  • 2. В доменном имени невозможно работать
    "Вы НИКОГДА у нас НЕ РАБОТАЛИ. По поводу "преступников":
    мы проконсультируемся с нашими юристами о возможности приобщения так сказать"

While, here is the Google webcache of  a topic in before removal of the end of discussion, where KeyCAPTCHA’s CEO tells the opposite :

  • [Page 1]
  • [Page 2]   or the same from anonymizer(if the previous link failed)
    “И вообще Геннадий, …

    Этого человека я лично выгнал из команды KeyCAPTCHA,
    так как он от имени сервиса начал писать всякую фигню на форума..."
    "Ну вобщем я искренне надеюсь что следующие годика 3-4 Вы проведете рубя лес и шья варюжки"
  • [Page 3] – available as saved copy only, can Email on request

Note, how representative, by his completely unprovoked personal insults, had converted purely technical discussion into a flame and off-topic having requested thereafter to remove it

In the article “KeyCAPTCHA – 2” tells that KeyCAPTCHA’s support (from Email: in response to request about information in my blog explains that while working in, I was caught extorting money from my colleague (by what?) ed-handed by police.

The true story was completely opposite. CEO threatened me to concoct criminal case against me because I reminded him his promise to sign with me the working contract.

Meanwhile, I want to remind that by Russian Labor Legislation, in case of absence of written work contract, the contract is verbal and employment is established by the fact of work itself and not by signing or not agreements.

Dismissal in “Good Will” a-la-KeyCAPTCHA

August 2, 2011 Leave a comment

“Let’s part in good will” a la-KeyCAPTCHA, it is when you offered 11,500 rubles of dismissal payment having 43,000 rubles of unpaid salary (if to forget about few times bigger severance pack) and when you refuse such a generous offer, you are repeatedly threatened by criminal cases for theft in office, physical violence, etc.

Then, “company” offers you even more, than one can expect, to compensate your unfair  treatment  and you get caught red-handed by police called by your “employer” during receiving this payout money. It also happens that the “company” which hired you, has never legally existed (except on website) and you extorted money (but really rejected them few times) from persons that rented a business offce for activities on the internet.

So, instead of employment,  payments of your work or seeking new employment after dismissal,  you are forced to study criminal laws and prepare for criminal litigation with your former “employer”.

But what was the point?
I am  trapped and have no ethical, moral or psychic restrictions to protect me against unfair accusations  and forced to go until the end and by all means

KeyCAPTCHA, I’m a Liar – Pants on Fire – Was I Good or Bad?

July 23, 2011 Leave a comment

I am 48, Cybernetics Engineer, the last 14 years worked as IT commercial coder. Well, I always coded but before IT it was R&D – science and applied maths, AI, numerical and analytical calculations,  that stuff.

I should confess that  I have never blogged or tweeted before the beginning of this year2011. InDecember, 2011, I was “employed” by Joint Stock ITNP (,) “company”,  I still do not know how to title it,  as Software Developer in Test and Supporter. The latter was supposed to be minor duty since there was very little amount of users as well as problems.

Since  I was initially quite excited by the technical and “business” perspectives. оn my own initiative and against the employer’s opinion that it was a wate of time, I created twitter account KeyCAPTCHA and started to tweet. The results were astonishing – in a week, the rate of visitors of web site increased thrice!

Later, after I was fired,  my employer ( started to insist that:

Why were such ridiculous claims that someone can distort 10,000 USD by stealing someone’s twitter account?

Look at statistics of daily visitor rates (the figure temporarily removed, I’ll send privately it on request):

  • January 23, 2011 – I renamed my private(personal)  twitter account into @KeyCAPTCHA (KeyCAPTCHA Team) and started to promote through KeyCAPTCHA plugins to KeyCAPTCHA service; 
  • 05/03/2011 – I was dismissed
  • 05/06/2011 – the visiting of started to drop, since my former employer (“company” had shot itself in its foot by contesting the ownership of KeyCAPTCHA twitter account which was thereafter suspended!

BTW, the increase stopped because I had been categorically prohibited to post anything except official news duplicating them from company’s “What’s new” section of website. I also was prohibited to blog about KeyCAPTCHA.

One of the main and the only proof of that I am a liar and crook was that I blogged (posted articles) under multiple accounts in :

  “He has (had) a few accounts on but the owner of these accounts is the same person.

We want to thank the moderators of They have blocked all his accounts.

Here are his banned accounts:

Best regards,

This, posting from multiple accounts or commenting blogs under multiple nicknames, was what I was taught and instructed to do for promoting discussions on KeyCAPTCHA while I was working in KeyCAPTCHA Team .
It is what all members of KeyCAPTCHA Team regularly did before my coming to  and continue doing after my leaving it.

For example,  this blog article “Плагин KeyCAPTCHA” has a few comments on July 5, 2011, under multiple nicknames (KeyCAPTCHA and Bob) by the same person of KeyCAPTCHA Team presenting itself both as KeyCAPTCHA Team member (under KeyCAPTCHA nickname)  and as a “passer-by” fan of KeyCAPTCHA reading all my publications (under Bob nickname). Let me remind that I was fire in May, 2011

It is now common practice when companies and state governments order and pay for marketing campaigns, so called astroturfing, use “sock puppets” (multiple false online personalities) in social media and even use the software for its automatization .

Another common practice is that most social media accounts openly advertise and promote its parallel accounts from the same person. For example, in Twitter:

While I can understand why accounts being banned and blogs deleted by, I cannot agree that blogs are being deleted without any previous warning and giving the chance to comply with rules because the’s rules  shown during registration do not tell anything about prohibiting multiple accounts for blogging.

Is it also common practice that webresources do not have any rules or intentionally have rules that impossible to comprehend and/or follow?  promoting the situation that nobody cares to read or comply with them ?

So, is posting from multiple accounts a fraud or common de-facto practice on the internet?
Or, is it both?

Is it contagious?

Should I stop lying or perfect me in this?
What do you think?

former non-employee

What Is the “first” in KeyCAPTCHA and Why to Have it Externally, i.e. Out of Control?

July 23, 2011 Leave a comment
While working in, I tried, always in vain (i.e. fruitlessly),  to convince  changing its main (as first phrase or the title)  (anti)marketing phrase in many’s marketing articles, including in website “What is KeyCAPTCHA” description:

KeyCAPTCHA is the first free service providing a powerful anti-spam website protection through a new generation interactive CAPTCHA.

to be less self-debunking and more clear.


Warning This Has No Brain Use Your Own! Credit to

ALERT: This KeyCAPTCHA Has No Brain (Starts-Stops Automatically) Use Your Own! Credit to

The word “interactive” is really synonym to “intrusive for a visitor”, in contrast to non-intrusive anti-spam solutions like filtering, honey-traps (honey-pots), etc. Except its anti-marketing (i.e. negative) nature, it does not convey any information since in reality KeyCAPTCHA should have been  more specifically described as “DRAG’N’DROP” and/or “not requiring text typing” (non-Texting?)  instead of vague and generic “interactive”. All visible (presented) to a visitor CAPTCHAs are really interactive in that they require user’s interactions like typing, drag’n’drop-ping, clicking, etc.

The word “free” means in reality, for external service, like, “un-paid by a user”. external service internals are not free for scrutiny (or reuse) like open sourced products

All known to me anti-spam services are either free of charge or provide free of charge options/versions in parallel to fee-based service.   The latter is in no way different from service having both fee-based and free of charge options of its service.

Since it is ridiculous to tout an anti-spam service  as “first free” , let me guess, that it is a simple way to assure that users of KeyCAPTCHA did not read about and do not care what they have installed

The idea of non-texting captcha was researched before KeyCAPTCHA (introduced in 2010)  a lot, for example:

There are dozens open-source projects offering CAPTCHs based on idea of choosing/clicking an image, for example:

as well as DRAG’N’DROP CAPTCHAs, for example:

that, IMO, avoid the main point of vulnerability existing in KeyCAPTCHA – that it is external centralized proprietary service out of control of webresource owner who installs it.

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History of changes: Initiated Criminal Investigation against Itself

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KeyCAPTCHA вызвала милицейских или полиционеров?

KeyCAPTCHA вызвала милицейских или полиционеров?

KeyCAPTCHA Team published a few posts insisting that I had never worked in KeyCAPTCHA Team.

I have copies of dozens of KeyCAPTCHA’s posts backuped from:

telling the opposite, all deleted later at the request of KeyCAPTCHA Team  which I can Email on request of anybody interested in.

The only posts by KeyCAPTCHA Team confirming that I was dismissed from company and still remained undeleted are in :

in the latter explaining the reasons of my dismissal and insisting, again with its usual lies,  that I was full paid out (I was not).
Thanks to the administration  of that it did not follow other resources and did not remove these posts at  the later request of!

The essence of conflict is that Team considers that as soon as it avoided its promise to formalize the written working contract with me, I was not hired and I was not employee and there is no need to pay either salary (for the last 2 months) nor dismissal fees according to Russian Federation Labor (or Employment) Law.

According to Russian Federation Labor Legislation, I am employee under protection of this law as soon as I started to work under conditions and verbal agreements of employment like, in my case:

  • I passed agreed 2-month probation period (Dec, 2010 – Jan, 2011),
  • routinely worked in office fulfilling employer’s instructions

which qualify me as employee and my working relations as employment under protection of Employment Law.

There are dozens of witnesses of my employment and thousands proves. filed the LawSuit qualifying my inquiries about my salary and dismissal fees payout as extortion. initiating criminal investigation against me wanting to incarcerate me (for my inquiries  of payout of my work) up to 7 years. Cf.. for example,’s:

There Should Be A Special Prison For Stupid Staff from

By this, i.e. initiating police investigation, has put itself on its own initiative  under criminal investigation of its illegal business (economic) activities.

I am looking forward for the court being sure in victory of justice, common sense and law!

former employee of company

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