KeyCAPTCHA Scam – How to Make Spam Unavoidable

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First Free (KeyCAPTCHA Plugin Description)

First Free (KeyCAPTCHA Plugin Description)

It is like in any scam scheme: first, a victim is enticed by an irresistible offer of absolutely free of charge novel (“first”, “innovative”, “sexy”. “unique”, etc.) miracle or easy way to earn money (including interesting job offer like it was for me by Then you are trapped by a  sneaky change in conditions of bargain (employment)… Accordingly, first, filled the internet with ads of its first absolutely free of charge (“unique”, “novel”, “innovative”, “unbreakable”) anti-spam miracle. It was not only without any advertising but even buyers of commercial fee-based KeyCAPTCHA service were initially prohibited to create CAPTCHAs with any advertising. Then, in the beginning of August, 2011, after bloggers started to write about  and webmasters with sysadmins to advise each other this miracle en masse, changed its ToS convering KeyCAPTCHA from antispam captcha into spam platform.

KeyCAPTCHA Plugin Contribution description in

KeyCAPTCHA Plugin Contribution description in

That is, a webmaster that installed it, cannot avoid spam served through installed KeyCAPTCHA plug-in from’s servers, except “agreeing” to buy “Personalized CAPTCHA” service or uninstalling KeyCAPTCHA plugin.Well, the end-user (a visitor) of a protected web resource, cannot just close your eyes and skip it like with any other spam. KeyCAPTCHA usually blocks access to webresource, like registering for forum, commenting blog article, posting, downloading a file, resetting a forgotten password, etc.

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To Spam or Not To Spam: That is Not The Choice Anymore?

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This is something new that I did not discover immediately because Twitter is very lousy in presenting me my own tweets and the owner of twitter account is not notified about its own tweets.

Every 10-12 hours, for quite a time now, I supposedly tweet from my twitter account spam-tweets with the same content:

“Are you serious about weight loss? Read this article ASAP! <a varying URL link to a site with the same content>”

I left two tweets as a sample:

I removed access to all applications but these spam-tweets reappear, mostly at my night-hours, so I remove them in 6-8 hours after their staying in my feed  under my twitter account-name!

I can login to web resources (sites, blogs, social networks, etc.) sites through a SSO (single-sign-on or single-sign-through) using Twitter, Disqus, OpenID, etc. accounts without re-typing my username and password, even after explicitly removing my access. I simply press confirm-access buttons and my cached in browser credentials are being used.

Why cannot the earlier given access be cached by the sites and  re-used by hackers after I removed my access from target applications. And what about if I am presented the wrong descriptions during signing in?
And what choice I do have anyway?

There are simply no tracking of resources (sites) to which I ever signed in with Twitter.
I login with my SSO to comment, to post, etc. and then I even do not remember all such sites.
Even if I did, they mostly do not let to drop my accounts anyway

Is it a wrong question?

Tell me how to track and/or to stop spam-tweeting from my twitter account if I removed access to it to any application!

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Woah! Read Those Twitter Authorizations Carefully


Spam tweets stopped

Before appearance of spam tweets I created only one derivative (through my twitter account login) account on a web site having built-in based on IPB (IP.Board) WCMS  functionality of tweeting from it and republishing tweets from twitter account to that website.


And my account was banned soon after I tried to ask site’s administration team about possibility of spam tweets through my account on that web site.


I shall not indicate the URL of the site since this topic is interesting from conceptual point of view but not for tracing concrete technical or ethical breaches. Insists That I’ve NEVER Worked in KeyCAPTCHA Team Having Published Before That I Had

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The higher the KeyCAPTCHA goes, the more it shows his tail

The higher the KeyCAPTCHA goes, the more it shows his tail

Initially. Team published in internet dozens of slandering and blackening me forum posts, blog comments, that while working in I was caught for extortion of money, which KeyCAPTCHA Team managed to push removal of all from internet. See how and in my previous article


For example,  in this discussion  in, KeyCAPTCHA Team insists that I have never ever worked in

  • “1. Nedodurok, Вы НИКОГДА НЕ РАБОТАЛИ в нашей организации.
  • 2. В доменном имени невозможно работать
    "Вы НИКОГДА у нас НЕ РАБОТАЛИ. По поводу "преступников":
    мы проконсультируемся с нашими юристами о возможности приобщения так сказать"

While, here is the Google webcache of  a topic in before removal of the end of discussion, where KeyCAPTCHA’s CEO tells the opposite :

  • [Page 1]
  • [Page 2]   or the same from anonymizer(if the previous link failed)
    “И вообще Геннадий, …

    Этого человека я лично выгнал из команды KeyCAPTCHA,
    так как он от имени сервиса начал писать всякую фигню на форума..."
    "Ну вобщем я искренне надеюсь что следующие годика 3-4 Вы проведете рубя лес и шья варюжки"
  • [Page 3] – available as saved copy only, can Email on request

Note, how representative, by his completely unprovoked personal insults, had converted purely technical discussion into a flame and off-topic having requested thereafter to remove it

In the article “KeyCAPTCHA – 2” tells that KeyCAPTCHA’s support (from Email: in response to request about information in my blog explains that while working in, I was caught extorting money from my colleague (by what?) ed-handed by police.

The true story was completely opposite. CEO threatened me to concoct criminal case against me because I reminded him his promise to sign with me the working contract.

Meanwhile, I want to remind that by Russian Labor Legislation, in case of absence of written work contract, the contract is verbal and employment is established by the fact of work itself and not by signing or not agreements.

The Google+’s Nym Probe – Isn’t it a Scam to Change Agreements Unilaterally and Retroactively?

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"if you're not paying for something, you're not the customer; you're the product being sold" (Clik on the image to read)

"if you're not paying for something, you're not the customer; you're the product being sold" (Clik on the image to read)


. Update: Changed the title from initial
“I’ve Never Subscribed to either Buzz or Google+ but My Google Private Profiles ‘re Unilaterally and Retroactively  Published, then Dumped, Now Will Be Suspended?”


“The act of creating deliberately
confusing jargon
 and user-interfaces
which trick your users into sharing
more info about themselves than
they really want to”

Definition of Privacy Zuckering


It has become appallingly obvious that
our technology has exceeded our humanity.
~Albert Einstein


The evolution of sense is,
in a sense, the evolution of nonsense
~Vladimir Nabokov



After reading  the Stilgherrian’s “Right, Google, you stupid cunts, this is simply not on!”,
I’ve decided to write what have been bothering me for the very long time – that is, the ubiquitous internet practice of unilateral and retroactive changing of agreements.
And ,”naturally”, without any previous notice, with the notice about possible changes without any notice in the same ToS as well as  the big disclaimer part on waiving any guarantees or responsibilities

User agrees with ToS, while signing in, so it is the bi-lateral agreement. If s/he’s not likes conditions, he would not have subscribed.
But then s/he spends time, work, personal and business connections, acquires habits because he (presumable) trust to provider of an online service.
Read more by clicking here…

Are You Fearful About Your Intellectual Property Being Stolen?

August 28, 2011 1 comment

Cherry-Ann Carew, The Power Writing Coach, Editor, and Founder of Writetastic Solutions, is a contributing author to How the Fierce Handle Fear – ‘Secrets to Succeeding in Challenging Times.  Cherry-Ann helps writers with their creative expression to add value to their books. Learn how her coaching and editingservices can help you with your book. Subscribe for your FREE SPECIAL REPORT: ‘Discover The 3 Simple Steps That Will Help You Start And Finish Your Book.

via Are You Fearful About Your Intellectual Property Being Stolen?.


So, I had lied in that I would not “Press This” any more

My Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tools

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My Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tools.

Update: So, I did “Press This” 2nd time though had sweared here to abstain from it 

It takes twenty years to
become an overnight success
~Cantor, Eddie

That’s it!
During first 2 days after republishing, this “re-article” had 0 (zero) votes and overnight it got 17 downvotes, so I decided to comment why it is here.

This article was initially just one link, as I left on the 1st line,  produced by clicking in Gloria Rand’s article “My Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tools” the’s blog button “Press This”.

It was my 1st and, I believe, the last experience with “Press This” if this functionality changes or I master to change it.

I did not like the fact that article appeared republished w/o giving credits to original author or its ID (whatever it is link, username, blog, webpage or avatar). It appears as mine in search results,  has my own link, etc., etc.

This is the same problem as re-tweeting in twitter when a copyist (especially news bot aggregators, concentrators, etc.) receive credits becoming top twitterer, an author of a tweet on, being mentioned as an author “via”, etc., etc.

I still keep it because I need it as an illustrating example for more general article(s), I am writing now, on republishing and authors’ rights on the internet and some questions/suggestions to forums and support

And I hope the author, Gloria Rand, permitted me to keep it if I add more quotes 🙂

Protected: Lies, Big Lies and Statistics of KeyCAPTCHA Service Part 1 On the Amount of Protected Sites

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